A Star Fell Down on Indiana

by Eliot Wilder

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A star fell down on Indiana
Just like it did in the beginning of time
We all turned out to see what happened
Some of us laughed
Some of us cried
And together we held onto each other's hands
Until the last of us had died


released April 9, 2016

Vocals on "A Star Fell Down on Indiana": Lisa Wermelin



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Look Out Now
You get in trouble everywhere you go
You better think about what you do
You mix it up and you mix down
And now the law man's after you
You better be on your best behavior
You better do what's right
You better not break any more rules
If you wanna make it through the night, oh yeah

La, la, la, singing la, la, la
You better look out now

You done your deeds so dastardly
And boy you're gonna pay the price
Everyone you ever done wrong
Now knows that you're not so nice
Time to own up to your wrongdoings
And time to own up to your peers
You can hear the sound of their voices
And it doesn't sound much like cheers, oh yeah

Look out now
You better look out now

You can try to paint a happy face on it
But the colors will soon run
You can shout from the top of your roof
That you're a bad boy all in fun
But one of these days well you must know
It's gonna bite you on the butt
'Cause one of these days well you must know
You're gonna drown in your own smut, oh yeah
Track Name: The Bubblegum Blues
I got chewed up
I got spit out
I got blown up
I got blown out
I'm stuck to a dirty old shoe
What else can a poor boy do
I got them bubblegum blues

I'm a huge mass
I taste odd
Once I was minty
Now I'm a big ol' wad
I'm stuck to a dirty old shoe
What else can I do
I got them bubblegum blues

I had a lot of flavor
Where did it all go
I taste kind of strange now
I taste like dough

I am used up
I'm all spent
Toss me out
I only cost a cent
I'm stuck to a dirty old shoe
What else can I do
I got them bubblegum blues

Oh yeah
Track Name: Where I'm Bound
Where I'm bound
I am bound to lose
Where I'm bound
It's a place no one would choose

It's a rocky road
And my wheels they have no traction
I've been out here for such a long time
Looking for a little interaction

I call for help
But there is no response
People drive by
They drive on by
With a look of nonchalance

Brother, brother do you have a spare
I need to get back on the road
I could use a little air
Won't you help me with my load

The rain came down
And then a blinding snow
I got no coat
And it's almost twenty below

Can't you see me
I'm up around the bend
Can't you see me
My dear old friend
My dear old friend
Track Name: Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation
You have got a social network
Well give yourself one great big fat perk
But for all your chit-chat no one's talking
Spend endless days doing cyber stalking
The more banal the bigger the deal
You love of self is simply surreal, yeah

You get it all on a silver platter
You act like nothing seems to matter
You're fat and vain and disaffected
You're all plugged in yet disconnected
You don't feel any real sensation
Talkin' 'bout your generation

You spend all day on your cellphone
And all you do is bitch and moan
Your music lacks authenticity
What does it matter you get it for free
I'm sure your lives will turn out well
While the rest of the world is going to hell

The fate of world is up to you
And what in the world are you going to do
Are you going to fix the environment
Will you get over your entitlement
Like a drunken kid who's driving a car
Time to say au revoir
Track Name: Tension and Release
An arm reaches out to pull you in
You fight back
Against your next of kin
Why must we always go so far astray
Why can't we meet each other halfway

Some men go to war and some men make peace
It's the push and the tug between tension and release

Look at what a stinkin' bloody mess we've made
No one to blame
We wound up in the stockade
If only we hadn't been dumb enough to get caught
But then again why do we bother to fight what we've fought

I am on an island
Somewhere out in the south seas
I am on an island
Sitting here under cocoanut trees

What will make you happiest of all
Keep in mind
We're thinking of the long haul
And what in heaven's name to do you say to your kid
How will you explain all of the bad things that you did
Track Name: What We Talk About When We Talk About Love
Our conversation moves in circles
And so do the hands of the clock
We sound like we are saying something
But it's all only idle talk
Mel says love is spiritual
But some of us disagree
Some get a kick out of being kicked
Every beater needs a beatee

Chit-chat, chit-chat
You say this 'n' that
What we talk about when we talk about love
Chit-chat, chit-chat
You say this 'n' that
What we talk about when we talk about love
Listen to our hearts beating
It's a sound so naked and so stark
Listen to the human noises we're making
As we sit all alone in the dark

Well some are driven by physical love
Which makes us feel desire
A carnal lust that burns down so deep
It sets the heart on fire
We want to get as close as we can
But when we do we are repelled
There's something twisted in the other
Something that just won't let us meld

So much water so close to home
So much water so close to home

Some of us want sentimental love
A day-to-day type caring
Some just want stability
And don't want to lose our bearing
Mel says some folks they got it so bad
That they just want to kill their lover
And some get so bent up inside
That they never fully recover
Track Name: If I Can Hold Out Just a Little Longer
I gotta tell ya
I'm a in a scary spot
I'm too scared to move
The world I knew
It's falling apart
Can't find my old groove
All I want is a little bit of hope
All I want is a little bit of rope

If I can hold out just a little longer
If I can hold out just a little longer
I will be free

The people I knew
They're all gone away
They couldn't take it no more
Too many lies
Too many broken dreams
They couldn't keep score
All I need is a friendly hand
All I need is someone to understand

The truth I knew
It's all been blown away
I don't know nothing now
Can't rely on what I see
No way, now how
All I want is some peace of mind
I seek it every day but I can't find
Track Name: These Are the Days
The sun shines through your eyes
While the wind whips your hair
As we go walking through these endless summer days
We remain so young and fair

These are days I'll remember
These are days I'll remember
All my life

I love your touch
Makes my heart want to sing
Have to thank my lucky stars
For all the joy that you bring

Thank God we're still young
So much time still ahead
Time to reap and time to sow
Time to stay in bed
Track Name: A Game to the Massacre
Well, me, I got mine and you, you got yours
And never, no never the twain shall meet
We run into trouble every time we collaborate
All that brotherly love, well it turns into brotherly hate

From house to house and street to street
Over hill and dale
It's a game to the massacre
From here to there and there to here
The whole wide world
It's a game to the massacre

Why can't ever get along and learn to live in harmony
I guess that's just too much, too much to expect
Sing out about love and peace
Don't want to see all the red raw meat
Want to win at any cost
Don't want to be the one to admit defeat

We say that we care
But then why is the world in such a stinkin' mess
We say that we care
But then why do we act like we could care less

Well I am happy now
I got all I'll ever need
And all I can say is nuts to you
You can all go rot in hell
It really matters not to me
You can burn with the bad old devil
He doesn't seem all that hot to me
Track Name: A Star Fell Down on Indiana
Woke up in the middle of the night
To the sound of breaking glass
Ran over to the window and was knocked back on my ass
A light filled the room
Much brighter than the sun
Thought it was the end of time
The human race was all but done

A star fell down on Indiana
Just like it did in the beginning of time
We all turned out to see what happened
Some of us laughed
Some of us cried
And together we held onto each other's hands
Until the last of us had died

We went to the fairgrounds but the blast had destroyed it
The carousel was crushed
Thought about how much we'd enjoyed it
Some of us were injured and some were nearly dead
Some were talking on their cellphones
To see how bad and how widespread

Wish I'd finally written the great American novel
Or even a short story would've been nice
Wish I'd finally I'd done everything that I'd meant to do
Like told you I loved you even once or twice

Thought I might escape unscathed but I was still in heavy shock
Then I saw my bloody hands as I sat down on a rock
Cars were exploding and babies were screaming
I saw you draw one last breath
It was then I knew I was not dreaming
Track Name: See Ya 'Round the Cosmos
My ship took off
Headed into space
I was looking for a newfound land
And a newfound sense of place
Had enough of the old ways
Sick of all the politics
I wanted to add something fresh
To the stale old mix

I sped past Venus
Then out of our galaxy
I bent time and space
Just like Einstein's relativity
I saw lots of comets
And cosmic dust
And I felt joy
In my wanderlust

See ya 'round the cosmos
Hope ya get here soon
See ya 'round the cosmos, baby
Beyond the dark side of the moon

When I think about my poor old Earth
Well it just brings me down
All the oceans are filled with trash
And the green fields have turned brown
I want find a new place
Untouched by human hands
Where the creatures act in kindness
And haven't spoiled all their lands

If you look up on a clear night
With an unobstructed view
Maybe you will see me
I'll be waving back at you
Try to wish me well
And think of me now and then
Maybe one day I'll return
Maybe one day I can't say when