by Eliot Wilder

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He asked us all to follow him
And follow him we did
We let the devil out of his box
And we can't put back the lid


released November 24, 2016

Cover: Sharon "It Never Happened" Skelton



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Forever Now
There are days that I can't recall
In my mind they're gone forever
And there are dreams that have faded away
Just one more pointless endeavor

Wish I could go back in time
But I can't no way, no how
So I am living in forever now

There are people that have come and gone
And never bothered to say goodbye
I think about them and I feel myself wince
And my heart does mummify

Go ahead and ask me the time
I got you covered to the minute
I know it
I know it all so well
I am living in it

There are songs that I know I've sung
But I can't hear them no more
They used to mean a lot to me
No I don't know what for
Track Name: Long Story Short
We started this up so many years ago
Now we can't make it stop
We let the devil out of his box
And we can't put back the top

He runs freely in our midsts
And we just have to let him
He broke us down to smithereens
And there's no one left to get him

He has wrecked our perfect view
He has spoiled our oceans
He has played us all for fools
And played off our emotions

We look up to him like he's a god
What other choice do we got
'Cos if we say what we really think
He will leave us all to rot

He has eyes that are ruby red
And hair of golden weave
He is good at sounding good
And we want to believe

We can blame him for all our woes
We can blame him for our demise
But we placed him on that pedestal
And we didn't see through his lies

He asked us all to follow him
And follow him we did
We let the devil out of his box
And we can't put back the lid
Track Name: Uneasy Lies the Head
You think you got it
You got the ring
But that ring don't mean a thing
You think you got it
You got the vote
You got the world by the string
I wish you all the luck
Best of luck

Hey once and future king
You made your bed
Uneasy lies the head
Uneasy head
Hey once and future king
Hope you sleep sound
Uneasy lies the head
Who wears the crown

You think you got it
You're at the top
You're at the top of the heap
You think you got it
You're at the peak
Go ahead and take a leap
Nowhere to go but down
Nowhere to go

The good, the bad, the in-between
It's your world now
The love, the hate, what does it mean
It's your world now

You think you got it
You took the crown
But that crown is a little bent
You think you got it
But did you ever think
It'd be fun to be president
I wish you all the luck
Best of luck

You got it
It's yours
Enjoy it while you can
I wish you all the luck
I wish you all the luck
Track Name: You Make It Real
You, you make it real
You, you, you make it real to me

I don't know what to think
And I don't know what to feel
And when I wander all alone
I don't know what is real

You tell me that you love me
You tell me that you care
You look me straight between the eyes
I see you standing, standing there

I've been burned so many times
By all the cheaters and their lies
Well I don't how to trust
To do so seems unwise

But you taught me to believe
You tossed me down a rope
Yeah you turned my world around
And filled me up with hope

It's as real as it gets
As real as it can be
It's as real as gets
For a lost soul like me

You turned me upside down
And you showed me the way
You held me by the hand
And you said it will be OK
Track Name: They Killed Us but They Ain't Whooped Us Yet
Things are looking pretty bad for our side
Yeah we fallen, we fallen down a hole
The baddies tell us who we are now
They got their hands on the remote control
Things are looking pretty bleak for us
All our rights are gonna get swept away
The air is thick with rage and insanity
Common sense is on holiday

They killed us but they ain't whooped us yet

For every truth that we think we know
There is another around which their world revolves
We go back and forth and back and forth
And nothing, no nothing ever resolves
We look at them like they are stupid
Because what's right and true is plain to see
I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are each other's enemy

They say the sun will come up tomorrow
And that everything, everything will be all right
But I don't believe them, I don't believe them
This is the start of an endless night
Track Name: I Don't Believe You No More
I put my trust in you
You put your trust in me
That's how it always was

But then you went and lied
Wrecked our sacred bond
Now we can't go back
We can't go beyond

I don't believe you
I don't believe you
I don't believe you
No more, no more

You told a big fat fib
You looked me in the eye
You got me to believe
I believed in your lie

You made it up craftily
You told it like a pro
You thought I'd never catch you
I'd be too dumb to know

I put my trust in you
You put your trust in me
Now that's gone forever

How can I know now
Just what is true
You took my fragile faith
And you broke it in two
Track Name: Plus ça Change
Won't you give me your hand
Let me lead you on
Into the promised land
Into a brand-new dawn

I will grant your wishes
I will make it all right
This is my solemn promise
I will be your white knight

Plus ça change
Plus ça change
Plus c'est la même chose
Plus c'est la même chose
Plus ça change
Plus c'est la même chose
Plus c'est la même chose

Won't you give me your soul
I will make it grander
I will tell you the truth
I will never pander

I will make you rich
Rich beyond avarice
It's all a dream come true
It's all a cannot miss

What is it that you want
I can make it real
I am not no phony
I know just how you feel

I don't ask for much
Not much in return
Just that you follow me
And leave the rest to burn
Track Name: Sounds Like Goodbye to Me
Lovebirds are flirting
Like spastic lovers in the rain
And I wave
And they give me no sign

And far away a man
Puts a pen in a drawer
And all of the lawyers
Dream of other lawyers

And there is so much more
That I wanna say
No I'm not gonna say it this time

A baby's laughter
It turns to weeping
And then a bridge falls
And the jungle seethes

In the cabinet lurks
The keys to the kingdom
But they're hiding
Behind the crockery

And the ancient bells
Are cracked
And when they ring
They burn like Ciscero

Maybe one day
You will wear that amulet
That your mother died for
So you could fly
Track Name: Behind the Curtain
We have come so far
On this yellow brick road
We've come to meet the chief
Not some ugly toad
We want our sweet rewards
We want it all and how
We want what we want
And we want it now

We will never see
What's behind the curtain
It's our worst fantasy
That much is certain
What's behind the curtain

You made us a vow
You sounded sincere
We heard what you said
Or what we wanted to hear
Time to pay up
And give us our prize
Don't dare bait and switch
Or make up phony lies

Who the hell are you
We may never know
You have disappeared
Where did you go
You stole our dreams
You stole our cash
You stole our hopes
Gone in a flash
Track Name: No Turning Back Now
We have made our choice
It's the choice we've made
Don't matter right or wrong
This is our parade
You can say we're fools
Or at best we're dumb
Say just what you will
From now till kingdom come
No turning back now

We know just who we are
And we are in the right
And if you put us down
Be ready for a fight
You can call us names
Say we are not schooled
But when push came to shove
Look who got fooled
No turning back now

You got your big ideas
We got only one
We want to tear you down
Say your day is done
Now we rule the world
And you, you must obey
Don't care 'bout you and yours
We're doing it our own way
No turning back now
Track Name: The New Jerusalem
Change of pace
Change of plan
I am now a stranger in a strange land
Don't know my neighbors
Don't know what will happen next
All this not knowing has got me vexed

Welcome to the future
Welcome to the future
It is happening
As I speak
Welcome to the future
Welcome to the future
It is not, not for the meek

Close my eyes
Dream a dream
Make all the madness disappear
But then I wake
To a misbegotten age
And I drown in a world of fear
Who am I
Where am I going

Woke up this morning
To the sound of thunder
And a bang, bang banging at my door
"Wake up, wake up
Come out, come out"
Nevermore, nevermore