Armistice Day

by Eliot Wilder

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What would it take to end
All this fighting
What could we do to stop
All the war
It's been going on
Since the very first caveman
Since he figured out
What a club was for


released November 28, 2014

For Mom and Dad. That's them on the cover.



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Gonna Fuck You Up
Gonna do what I gotta do
Gotta get what I need
So when I take an ounce of your blood
I do it just to watch you bleed
Then I mow you down, I mow you down
Mow you down like a weed

I'm gonna fuck you up
Yes I am
I'm gonna mess around with your head
Gonna fuck you up
Yes I am
I'm gonna kill you till you are dead

I'm gonna fuck you up
Fuck you up, fuck you up
That's what I'll do
I'm gonna fuck you up
Fuck you up, fuck you up
That's what I'll do
Stomp on you with my shoe

Gonna take all the shit you say
Gonna twist it all around
Wanna stick an apple in your mouth
And shove your face down in the ground
I wanna hear you scream
It's such a sweet, sweet sound

I'm gonna fuck with you in the morning
Fuck with you late at night
I'm gonna fuck with you all the live-long day
Fuck with you, all right

I'm gonna get what I gotta get
And then I'm gonna get away
I'm gonna fuck you up
And you aint got no say
You ain't got no say
Track Name: No Peace in Our Time
Us versus them
Black versus white
It's the nature of the beast
We fight with each other
Over anything at all
And it keeps the wheels greased

That's how it is and always will be
It's a shame and a crime
We can't get along
No matter what we do
There'll be no peace in our time

Right versus wrong
Good versus bad
They all go hand in hand
We say this war
Will end all wars
But it never goes as planned

No peace
No peace
No peace in our time

Love versus hate
Truth verses lies
We can never get it straight
There's little doubt
We ever will
Before it is too late
Track Name: Sing La-Dee-Day
Terrorists in the closet
Ebola under the bed
Seems wherever I turn
Somethin's 'bout knock me dead
The world's pretty spooky
Lotsa shit is a-goin' down
And the ones who run the thing
Are the loudest ones around
I sing, I sing

Sing la-la-la-la
Sing la-dee-day

Monkeys makin' moolah
All over this here land
Even the smart guys
Well they ain't so smart
Yeah, the don't understand
People sending texts
While the world goes up in flames
And who, who is responsible
Well you won't even know their names
I sing, I sing

While the world is going to hell
In a tourist cruise
Only celebrities
Make front-page news
While the world is going to hell
In a reality show
The rest of us wait around
For Godot to show

And all through it all
I just want to sing
I just want to sing
Track Name: Hand to Hand
You can take their guns
And you can take their knives
And you can take all their weapons away for good
You can take their anger
And you can take their rage
But there is only one thing that's ever understood

They were fighting hand to hand

They can smoke a peace pipe
They can say they surrender
But they'll be back
To fighting before too long
They don't like each other
And they never did
And they really truly
Don't want to get along

You can make them talk the talk
And you can make them walk the walk
You can make them sing
Give Peace a Chance
But they just want to fight
And they just want to hate
It's the ages-old
Human dance, dance, dance
Track Name: Events Are Unfolding
Troubles over here
Troubles over there
Troubles, troubles, troubles
Troubles everywhere

Events are unfolding
All over the world
Events are unfolding
No place to hide

Blood in the rivers
Blood in the skies
Blood in your basements
Blood in your eyes

Lies on the TV
Lies and caprice
Lies, lies and more lies
When will it ever cease
Track Name: That's the Whole Thing
It's a dirty job
But someone's gotta do it
And it looks like that someone is me
Yeah, someone's gotta clean up
This crummy ol' town
Clean it up for posterity
It's a thankless task
Not like you asked

Don't really wanna
But I gotta do it, yeah
And that's the whole thing
The odd's are against me
But it don't really matter
And that's the whole thing
That's the whole thing
That's the whole thing

Bad guys are a-comin'
They'll be here soon
Got no time to hem and to haw
Yeah, it's too late
Too late to hesitate
You see, hesitation's a fatal flaw
Gotta face it
Gotta embrace it

I stand alone
In the heat of high noon
And no one has got my back
Yeah, and all my friends
They are nowhere to be found
They say, "See ya later Jack"
Gotta strut my stuff
Gotta show I'm tough
Track Name: Armistice Day
What would it take to end
All this fighting
What could we do to stop
All the war
It's been going on
Since the very first caveman
Since he figured out
What a club was for

Lay 'em down, lay 'em down, lay 'em down
Lay down your arms
C'mon and be a soldier of love

What would it take to end
All this hating
What good does it do
To pillage and kill
Do you think it will solve
Any problem
Does peace ever come
From the blood you spill

Let's say that we're done with the fighting
Let's say that we'll find a better way
Let's say that we'll love one another
Let's say it is Armistice Day
Track Name: Despot in a Teapot
I like the way that the world
Revolves around me
I am at the center
Of my very own galaxy
I get to call the shots
I get to say what's cool
I am no idiot, no
I suffer no fool

I'm a despot in a teapot
Don't you make me mad
I'm a despot in a teapot
I am so bad, bad, bad

I got a harem
Girls with big boobs
I drink only cherry cola
With lots of ice cubes
I have my own arsenal
Got a couple of nukes
If you insult me I'll shout
Put up your dukes

I got a little temper
I've been known to throw a fit
Those who disagree with me
Well their lives turn to shit
I'm just like Billy Mumy
On the Twilight Zone
I'll wish you to the corn field
I will make you atone
Track Name: End of Days
The news came on
A special report
The man looked pretty upset
He cleared his throat and dried his eyes
And said something I won't forget

It's time for you to come on home
Head back without delays
The hour's late, the time is nigh
It's the end of days

The sky was black at high noon
And the air smelled of sulfur and ash
It was as if God himself had swooped on down
And said, time to take out the trash
An earthquake here, a tsunami there
Our world lay in rack and ruin
We cried out to the lord above
Screamin', What the hell are you doin'

Come along now, my little one

Better lock up all our belongings
All I got to protect us is a rake
We will hunker down in our basement
And hope that this is all a bad mistake
We will pray for our salvation
While the rest will rot in hell
We will ride on our chariots, yeah
And we will live
Where the sanctified dwell
Track Name: World War Zed
Someone pushed the button
The world went to hell
Someone pushed the button, yeah
And rang the death knell
Was it some dude in a bunker
Or some guy in his den
Doesn't matter anymore
Who, what, why, where or when

We won't be fighting
World War Zed
No we won't be fighting
We'll all be dead
We won't be fighting
World War Zed

Fallout is a-raining
The air smells like dirt
Fallout is a-raining down, yeah
Makes your body hurt
The water is poison
And the food you can't eat
Right about now you'd kill
Just to have a little treat

Cities are a-burnin'
Sky's filled with ash
There ain't no one left
To pick up the trash
Zombies are a-dancin'
Out in the street
Zombies are a-dancin'
They just love the heat
Track Name: Napoleon in Rags
Here, here I come
Napoleon in rags
And I will conquer you
Here, here I come
Napoleon in rags
And I'll devour you

Don't you dare stand in my way
I will smite you down
With my mighty hand
I am so righteous and so cool
And I will take away all of your land

Don't you dare find fault with me
I will smite you down
With my killer stare
I am a god in my own mind
With my rock star looks
And my perfect hair