Beautiful People

by Eliot Wilder

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There goes the past
Receding and not always redeemable
And here comes the future
Waiting to churn us up


released May 15, 2014

Cover girl: Anna Kevorkian. With thanks to Mark Schwendiman, Leigh Salgado and the Grossmont High School class of '72.



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Here Comes the Future
I remember everything
I remember what you did
Even though you forgot about me
I remember the glow of your face
The way light lit you up from behind
I remember, yes I do, I do
No I haven't yet lost my mind
I remember, no I won't forget
The way we once intertwined

There goes the past
Receding and not always redeemable
And here comes the future
Waiting to churn us up

I remember all your promises
And all your guarantees
You said you would be there for me
But now that seems like a tease
I remember your sincerity
Yes you made every word sound so true
I remember, 'cause it happened before
Just like some crazy deja vu
I remember, well how could I not
All the stuff you put me through
Track Name: All Your Crazy Children
Well you raised 'em on lies
That you sold as the truth
Just the kind of lies
You want to hear in your youth
They were fairly fanciful
Lots of blood and gore
An angry god takes from the rich
And gives back to the poor
It's in their video games, yeah
It's in their dumb-dumb choices
It's in the way that they silence
Any the nay-saying voices

All your crazy children
They are burning down the house
All your crazy children
They wanna scream and grouse
All your crazy children
Have gotten out of control
All your crazy children
Let's hear a big 'ol drum roll

They take the streets
And cause a bloody mess
Say they are on the side of God
And all sinners must confess
They shoot the innocent
And they shoot the condemned
They shoot anyone who doesn't
Think and act just like them
They got all the answers, yeah
They got all the cool stuff
They got so much going on
They don't know when enough's enough

How do you occupy an empty space
How do you occupy a state of grace
How do you live with all the pain you cause
How do you live outside all the laws
Track Name: Last of the Beautiful People
These are not faces
That I would recognize
Maybe I knew them once
Now they wear a disguise
Could be the lighting
Could be the clothes they wear
Could be they just got old
And they no longer care
What are their stories
Who are their husbands and wives
They are all strangers
Living out strangers' lives

The last of the beautiful people
They are gone, gone, gone
Oh the beautiful people
Into oblivion
The last of the beautiful people
They are done, done, done
Oh the beautiful people
Now there are none

These are not people
That I've continued to know
If I saw them on the street
I would not say hello
They were not there for me
When my daughter was born
Never knew my dad died
Never saw me mourn
What do they dream of
And did those dreams come true
Do they think of me
And what would they think if they do

What happened to you
Where did you go
When did you fade
Where is your glow
Start out so strong
And so full of youth
But life is so cruel
And that's the hard truth
Give it back
Give it back
Give it back
Give it back
Track Name: Put a Little English on It
You been going down a path
For such a long time
It's a worn out old groove
Well past its prime
Should you change direction
It's just a thought
But that ain't easy
It takes all you got
You mull it over
Over and over
You go looking for some answers
But you don't know where to begin
You just want to jump out of your skin
Why don't you put a little English on it, baby
And let it spin, spin, spin

You had it pretty good
Better than most
But then you turned around
Thought you saw a ghost
That pretty girl from high school
Looks craggy and spent
You think about your youth
You wonder where it went
You mull it over
Over and over
You feel a little bit panicked
You take a swig of gin
"Oh my, oh my, am I just a has-been?"
Why don't you put a little English on it, baby
And let it spin, spin, spin

What happened to Mary
What happened to Bill
What happened to Bonnie
What happened to Gil
What happened to everyone
Lo and behold
They got old

What happened to Susie
What happened to Leigh
What happened to you
What happened to me
What happened to everyone
Lo and behold
We got old
Track Name: I Don't Even Remember Me
We must've had a pretty great time
At least that's what you say
We got drunk and we had sex
And I guess it must've been OK
Yeah It was such a long time ago
Like to say I miss you a lot
Please don't think that I'm a shallow man
My memory is pretty well shot

I don't even remember me
So how could I remember you
I don't even remember me
Sorry if I'm not who you thought you once knew

Did I ever hold onto you close
And whisper shit in your ear
Did I memorize your list of quirks
And how you said you might go queer
I recall you liked your coffee black
With a shot of whiskey on the side
Or maybe that was someone else
I don't know my brain is fried

I'm not as sharp as I once was
My edges have been rounded
I'm just thankful I know where I am
In fact I am astounded

You should look me up sometime
How 'bout some time next week
Don't know how much time I got left
These old bones do creak

Maybe you and I should the knot
I mean what the hell
We're only here for a very short time
I'm sure we'd get along quite swell
We could live out the rest of our days
In a tiny bungalow
You and me and our baby makes three
And some other folks we don't know
Track Name: It Will Happen to You
One day you're young
The next you're not
It happens so fast
Just like a shot
One day you're beautiful
The next you're a hag
One day you're supple and lithe
The next you sag

It will happen to you
'Cause it's happened to me
If you think that it won't
Just wait and see
It will happen to you
Have no fear
Everything that you know
Will disappear

Today you are hip
Got the world on a string
Don't get too cocky
It's a short-time thing
Today you are thin
Your skin tan and clear
But the next thing you know
The end is near

Life's kind of funny
Not funny ha-ha
There are three ways to go
Win, lose or draw

You're happy-go-lucky
Not a worry or care
Got a beautiful body
Got beautiful hair
But dark days are coming
Just mark my words
The years fly by so fast
Like a flock of birds
Track Name: My Metaphorical Heart
On the subway nobody sees me
Wouldn't mind if someone would tease me
Guess I'm used to being ignored
Like an old painting that won't get restored
Sometimes I wonder if I am a ghost
Or in-between from pillar to post
No one looks me in the eye
I am someone you pass by

I am not real I am a figment
You can see through me
I have no pigment
Even my heart is made out of glass
I am a trick without the illusion
Most of my thoughts are mindless confusion
And all that I am shall one day pass

In a crowd I am faceless
All my movements are dull and graceless
I make no difference and I never will
Want to go up but it's all downhill

Hear the beat of my metaphorical heart
Boom boom boom
It's about to fall apart
Hear the beat of my metaphorical heart
Boom boom boom
I could use a kick start
Track Name: The Man Who Wasn't There
I went to grad school
And got some advanced degrees
I learned about physics
And the mating call of bees
I got real smart
Much smarter than most
But what I pursued
Was a ghost

What have I learned
And what have I got
Am I better man
Has it all been for naught
Where am I going
And what will I find
For all my knowledge
I don't know my own mind

I spend my days
Pursuing pursuits
I chase them down
In my scuffed-up mental boots
Is it all academic
Does it make any sense
Am I only living
In the present tense

I'm the man who wasn't there
I'm the man who wasn't there
When I lived I occupied time and space
But when I left I did not leave a trace

Wish I was smarter
And knew where I was going
Everyone around me
Somehow seems more knowing
All these things I do
Don't make me feel fulfilled
When it comes to living life
I guess I'm not that skilled
Track Name: Blame It On the Angels
You and your little girl
Stepped out into the street
You didn't look both ways
Got knocked off your feet
It was quite a surprise
When you both awoke
Had no idea that a car was coming
And the first thing you spoke was

Blame it on the angels
What they're up to well we can't see
Who's to say what's right or wrong
Not me, not me
Blame it on the angels
I'm just glad that they're here on our side
Good thing they're protecting us
Or we might've died

You live your life this way
Not taking responsibility
Somehow you've managed to escape
The savages and their savagery
Whenever you feel depressed
Something lifts you off the ground
When all is silent
You can hear your own sweet sound

Oh those crazy angels
They got lots to answer for
Sometimes in the middle of the night
They come banging on your door

Just the other day
You won the lottery
And you smiled and got all starry-eyed
When I asked you how you felt
"Thank the angels," you said
"The angels on my side"
Track Name: In the Middle of Everything
I was feeling pretty good
About who I was and all the things
That I'd done
Feeling quite accomplished
About what I'd built
And all the awards I had won
But then something happened
That derailed me
And I caught a glimpse of an awful sight
It was me looking back in the mirror
Me in an unflattering light

In the middle of everything
I woke up to who I am
In the middle of everything
I saw myself
Said, "No thank you ma'am"

Everything I knew seemed meaningless
All I'd made just so much junk
Behind the big man was a frightened child
A tree without a trunk
How did this happen
How could I not see
How could I not be all
That I was cracked up to be
I was important
Held in high esteem
Now it's all nothing
Nothing but a dream

Is it too late for me to change
God I hope I can
Is it too late for me to change
Is there time to be a good man