by Eliot Wilder

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Do you feel a certain pressure at night
Like something big pushing down on you
What do you think that it could be
Is it just this old wandering Jew
Oh I whisper in your ear
All the words you long to hear


released February 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: When Will I Be Whole Again?
Well I wonder how much further down I can go
All the way down to Chinatown
I don't know
My back has been a-hurting me like a house afire
Every time that I take a step
I feel so dire
When will it all go away
Who can say
It's gonna be another lousy day

When will I be whole again
When will I feel good
Nothing's been right in my life
Can't make it right if I could
It's been a mighty long time
Oh God rest my soul
When will I
When will I feel whole

I went to see my doctor and she didn't care
She acted indifferently
While I squirmed in my chair
She gave me a script
Said my disk had slipped
Didn't act like the bud could be nipped

I went to see a homeopath and he prescribed me a root
But like all the rest of them
He didn't give a hoot
Then I went to see a chiropractor to put me in line
He poked and he prodded
And said, You'll feel fine
But the pain it goes on and on
And I am its little pawn
And I just want it all to be gone
Track Name: Badass
You can kick me
When I'm down
But don't you cry for me
With your tears of a clown
There's nothing you can say
Will ever hurt me
And once I get away
You'll be dirt to me
I'm a badass
Just a badass
I'm bad, I'm bad

You can smack me
In the face
You can scream at me
And get on my case
But you can't penetrate
My tough force field
You won't catch me crying
Or see me yield
I'm a badass
Just a badass
I'm bad, I'm bad

You can sock me
Square in the teeth
But you can't touch
What is underneath
I have an armor
As thick as lead
So go ahead and punch me
In my big fat head
I'm a badass
Just a badass
I'm bad, I'm bad
Track Name: You Can Be Right
You may be right
But what does that get ya
A lot of trouble
And a whole lot of grief
You may be right
But how does that protect ya
When all you want is a little relief
Here is clue for you
Here is something you can do

You can be right or you can be happy
It's up to you what you choose
Sometimes it's best to release all your convictions
It's not so bad to lose

You may be smart
But you are no genius
If'n you were you wouldn't be so stuck
You may be smart
But you are no Einstein
More like your average schmuck
You are just going through the motions
Let go of your preconceived notions

You may be good
But you really aren't brilliant
Sometimes you are downright dim
You may be good
But you could be just a little bit better
Don't mean to sound so grim
It is not like you can't ever change
It is not like it's not in your range
Track Name: Then Everything Changes
I came 'round a corner
The scene was ablaze
The victims on fire
The city was razed
Then I heard a screaming
Echoed through the land
Heads were all turning
A town turned to sand

Then everything changes
In the blink of an eye
Then everything changes
Who can say why

Their guns were still smoking
They smelled like burnt hair
The men all looked molten
Their eyes said beware
My camera got broken
My cellphone got smashed
No way to tell my story
My whole life flashed

I lost all my papers
I tromped through the mud
I danced with insurgents
In a river of blood
There would be no winners
Only those who survive
And even survivors
Might not be alive
Track Name: I Am Your Mirror
I am your mirror
Do you like what you see
I am your mirror
What you see is me

The better the light
The clearer the reflection
Not so pretty
On closer inspection

Wake up
It's a beautiful day
Open your eyes
Don't you while away
Face me

Let the light
Pass through your eyes
To the spot
Where there is no disguise
Dream me

All your rags and all of your bones
And all your sticks and all of your stones
They only shatter the two of us
I am he as you are he
As you are me
And we are all together
And we are all together

Get outta here
And take your stupid face
Makes no sense
In messing up the place
Love me
Track Name: Everything Is Temporary
One day you will be gone
And no one will remember your face
One day you and everyone that you know
Will vanish from this place
You may think that you really matter
But all your ashes will blow away and scatter

Everything is temporary
Nothing is for good
No you can't rely on anyone
'Cause nothing goes as it should

One day all the beliefs you hold
Well they won't seem so grand
One day all the things that you've built
Will all turn back to sand
You will stand at the precipice
And wonder how it all turned out like this

You are only just passing on through
On your way from here to there
You are only just passing on through
You are just a wisp of air

One day everything that you love
Will betray you in the end
There won't be no loving husband or wife
There won't be no caring friend
Say goodbye to your dear ego and your pride
It's been a short and bumpy ride
Track Name: Sleepy Head
Good night my sleepy head
I'll see you in the morning
Sleep tight my sleepy head
This is my final warning
If you don't lie perfectly still
You will run out of my goodwill
If you don't shut your eyes
You won't get a prize

I read you your favorite tale
The one about a little bunny
He was sleeping in the woods
Woke up when it was sunny
You should be like the rabbit
It's a pretty good habit
Nighttime is for sleeping
Don't let me catch you creeping

Good night my sleepy head
No more of your whining
Good night my sleepy head
Keep it where the sun is not shining
I am feeling tired too
The day is totally through
The sandman is at our door
Dreams are waiting to explore
Goodnight, goodnight my sleep head
Track Name: Breathe Again
Floating 'round the atmosphere
Like a feather in a light breeze
I barely exist here
Still I do just as I please
Drawing in and drawing out
I am out and about

Breathe again, yeah
I can breathe again
I am coming up for air
So you had better beware

I am all but unknown to you
I am practically clear
You would never know even me
I'm not really here
Look up and then look down
I may be somewhere around

Listen to the sound that my breath makes
Listen to the in and the outtakes

Do you feel a certain pressure at night
Like something big pushing down on you
What do you think that it could be
Is it just this old wandering Jew
Oh I whisper in your ear
All the words you long to hear
Track Name: Cover Me
One on one
That's how we get the job done
We perform the same task
Neither one of us has to ask
Every time we get it right
We can go and say goodnight

If you cover me
I will cover you
And if you be my girl
I will be true

Me, I got your back
And you, you got mine
When you stall I take the lead
When you resume then I concede
Doesn't matter in the end
When you have a good friend
Good friend

You, you make me cry
You don't even have to try
I am crying tears of joy
You're my girl and I'm your boy
That's the way that it should be
For all eternity
Track Name: Tell Me What to Do
I am easily confused by
All the stuff that's going on
And you're the only one
Who doesn't make me want to yawn
I can hear what you say
And what you say is OK

Tell me, tell me true
Tell me what to do

I need to tell you that
The solitary life is not for me
I want to know that
I'm connected to my family tree
I scratch your back and you scratch mine
Everything will turn out fine

Give me direction
Give me protection
I am lost if not for you
Give me a sign
Keep me in line
Tell me what, tell me what to do
Track Name: Later, Sucker
Nothing's happening here my dear, yeah
That's pretty clear
Nothing's happening here
My buckos and buccaneers
Guess I'll pull up stakes and pull down the blinds
And say
Later, sucker
See you on down the line

Well I am sick of all your hurtful lies, yeah
And your unkind words
Sick of all your hurtful lies
Oh, they're for the birds
If really want to tell me the truth well give me a sign
Until then
Later sucker
See you on down the line

If you got yourself something to say
Why don't you say it to my face
If you got yourself something to say
Better say it before I leave this place, yeah

Looking for a better time, yeah
'Cause this one bites
Looking for a better time
Oh, gonna hit the heights
If you really wanna tag along well that'd be fine
If not
Later, sucker
See you on down the line