Eastern Standard

by Eliot Wilder

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I scream at you but you don't hear
You flash an evil grin
"I am Henry the Eighth," you say
"And you're my Anne Boleyn"

Coming next: "Western Daylight," a sequel.


released June 8, 2015

"Go East, old man!"



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Let Go of Me
You sink your hooks real deep in me
Like burrs that cling so hard
And the more I try to resist you
The more I'm cut and scarred
I scream at you but you don't hear
You flash an evil grin
"I am Henry the Eighth," you say
"And you're my Anne Boleyn"

I beg and plead
And I secede
And I get down on my knee
Let go of me, please
Let go of me
I rant and rave
While I dig my grave
Still I hope you hear my plea
Let go of me, yeah
Let go of me

You suck me down in your depths
Your current overtakes me
You keep me there till I lose my breath
You fury really shakes me
I scream at you but you can't hear
You're busy turning the screw
"You're mine, all mine," you say
"There ain't nothing you can do"

You hold me up like a victory flag
And wave me over your foes
"See what I will do to you
If what I say don't goes"
And all do gasp a frightful gasp
When they ponder a possible fate
"Look at what she did to me
Get away before it's too late"
Track Name: I Changed
You were always destined for greatness
While no one thought nothing of me
You were voted likely to succeed at everything
Gonna teach the world a thing or three

I changed
I'm not the person you knew
Despite myself I somehow grew
I changed
I even changed my name
I didn't remain the same

Well I moved out when I was seventeen
And you, you stayed close to home
Never took no chances
And you didn't rock the boat
While I was beyond where the buffalo roam

You may think you know who I've become
But you can't see past your own wall
You may think you know who I've become
But you don't know me at all

So did you finally achieve your destiny
Yeah, how's that working out for you
Sometimes it's better when no expects nothin'
Gives you room to do what you wanna do
Track Name: Set Yourself Free
Over there you were a slave
Your head kept under wraps
You weren't allowed to show your face
Men got steak and you got scraps
Then you came here
Even changed your name
But in the end you wound up with more of the same
Tell me who can you blame

Ooo-wee set yourself free
Set yourself free

He used to beat you to a pulp
Left you lying in a heap
No doubt about it you were a victim
And he was a creep
Then you left him
Tried to heal your pain
But the pattern repeated again and again
You gotta break the chain

I know it's not easy
It's as tough as crack
It's hard to get that freakin' monkey off your back
Throw off your chains
Here's the key
Set yourself free
Set yourself free

Sometimes the hurt it runs so deep
You don't know any other way
It makes you be all that you are
It's part of your DNA
It consumes you
It's like a disease
You can't see the big ol' forest for the trees
You gotta get off your knees
Track Name: Free at Last
The chains are gone
The dream has come true
No one can say
What I can and cannot do

Now I can say I am free
Now I can say I am free

I hold my head up high
I can fee proud
My face is not the face
Of a face in the crowd

I can finally let myself go
I can finally let myself grow

My ship has arrived
I got my wish
All the bastard scum
Are swimming with the fish
Track Name: Those Were Not My Happy Days
It never mattered much to me
Whether I were good or bad
I lived my life without much thought
And I knew just how to get you mad
When it came to making my old bed
I guess I did a crummy job
I never tucked the corners in
And it made me look like a slob

Those were not my happy days
And I can't say I miss them
I acted out in crazy ways
And I know I can't dismiss them

I behaved atrociously
Often lied right through my teeth
On the surface I was cool
Tried to hide what was underneath
You'd think I was a rock star
Just the way I'd parade around
But when I hear my old songs
They make an unpleasant sound

Some folks they are sentimental
They pine away for a better time
But for me I prefer the now
Even though I am past my prime

When I think about my family
It only ever brings me pain
No matter how I try to wash them out
I can't remove the stain
Well things are not that perfect now
And there are times that I really suck
But when I think of how it used to be
I am thankful for my little luck
Track Name: Laughing Girl
Nothing ever seems to bum you out
Don't think I've ever seen you cry
You walk around on top of the world
And there I times I've watched you fly
Nothing ever seems to get you down
You're skin is as tough as steel
No one ever gets to push you around
Or tell you what to feel

Laughing girl

Nothing ever seems to spoil your day
Or change your upbeat attitude
If someone tries to put you down
You don't let them wreck your mood
Nothing ever seems to turn you off
Or change your thoughts on the human race
Whenever someone says you're dumb
You just laugh right back in their face

Laugh and the world laughs with you
Weep and you weep alone
For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth
But has trouble enough of its own

Nothing ever seems to make you depressed
Or turn your happy day upside down
I'd like to watch you stand on your head
Just so I could see your frown
Nothing ever seems to flip your lid
Or make you utter a cynical word
Unlike every other person I know
You're that rarest of bird
Track Name: Blue Hill
Thought I knew where I was bound
Guess I had to think again
Thought I read the signs ahead
But I didn't see 'round the bend

Every street it looks it the same
And every sign it points one way
The compass spins round, round, round, round
And I find myself lead astray

Thought my maps would guide me safe
Across the doomscape of this city
Had my songs blasting out so loud
And the day it couldn't be more pretty

My panic it was quite palpable
And I tried to shout at the top of my voice
"Take me home, take me out of here"
But it felt like I had no voice
Track Name: Happily Ever After
They were good together
Like pen and paper
They wrote their own history
They talked about their problems
They had some laughs
Their love it was a mystery
While all the others had failed
They had somehow prevailed

Happily ever after
They were happily ever after
In their own little world

They were quite pragmatic
Had separate interests
Never shot each other down
He liked stamp collecting
She liked books
Saturday nights they went uptown
They would go out to dance
Never forgot romance

She worked for a business magazine
And he stayed home with the kid
At night they sat around the table
And talked about the things they did

It was not quite perfect
Just pretty close
Their daughter was their legacy
When she thinks about them
She feels joy
She know she has a family tree
She has a wonderful life
So fulfilled and so rife

We are all in this together
Track Name: Tommy Can You Hear Me?
What can I say to get through to you
Nothing ever seems to work
I can shout till I'm blue in the face
And go totally berserk
You're like a kid who is blind, deaf and dumb
Playing pinball and chomping on some gum

Tommy can you hear me
Can you feel me near you
Tommy can you see me
Can I help to cheer you
Tommy can you hear me
Can you hear me now

What can I do to break down your wall
To make you see me as I am
If I could say who I thought you were
I'd say you don't give a damn
You're like a kid who was born for peace
When in fact it's just so much caprice

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

What can I do to bring you down
From that cross that you are nailed
Your tiny boat is stuck in port
While the world has sailed
You're like a kid 'round which the world revolves
The camera pulls out and the scene dissolves
Track Name: Last Time I Saw Willie
Well I knew Willie back in high school
Back before all the bad times began
He had a brightness that shone on
Through the dullest of days
He was what you might call
A renaissance man
He had all kinds of means and ways
Well Willie he was a clever SOB
Yeah that was something
On which we could all agree

The last time I saw Willie
He had a strange look in his eye
The last time I saw Willie
He was yonder waving goodbye

Willie was a drummer in a punk band
Totally DIY
He ran a used record store
When no one had done that sort of thing
Everyone we knew looked up to him
He was the setter of trends
He walked around
Like the Chairman of the Board
A ring-a-ding-ding
But then Willie he fell from his perch
And ol' Willie left us all in the lurch

Oh Willie why did you go
Oh Willie I miss you so

Willie got involved with dealers
And he also fenced some stolen goods
The booze and the drugs
They changed him for the worse
His behavior became erratic
And he burned every friend he had
Now when people they talk about him
They spit his name out like a curse
But I still hold him in the highest esteem
To me he's still creme de la creme
Track Name: I Will Be Free of You
You held on to me for most my life
You held on to me with all your might
You always did just what
You damn well pleased
I did what I could to set myself free
I did what I could to fight you off
But the more I squirmed
The tighter you squeezed
You made me your prisoner
You kept me in your jail
You made me your prisoner
Never heard me wail
Ah-ooh let me go, let me go

I will be free of you

You made me feel like I was dirt
You made me feel like I was less than a man
And more like a guy
You could always string along

You held me down any way that you could
You held me back for no reason at all
Never thought that your behavior
Could possibly be wrong
You made me your personal slave
You kept me in my place
You made me your personal slave
I was a closet case
Ah-ooh let me go, let me go