Eliot Wilder's America

by Eliot Wilder

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We drank ourselves sick with lust
We spit into the brown southern night
We made a pact sealed with a prick
Somehow that black blood felt so right


released January 24, 2017

Thanks to Natalia Stark for vocals on "Turn Back the Clock"



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Deleted Scenes, Forgotten Dreams
They always say that all the best stuff
Winds up on the cutting room floor
But you never find out how it got there
Or why it must have been such a snore
I guess nothing's ever as good as it should be, yeah
Deleted scenes, forgotten dreams

We'd like to think we're perfect
And that our poop don't stink
But every once in a while
We find out we're not just who we think
Don't get too sentimental with your education, no
Deleted scenes, forgotten dreams

Like to see ourselves in a flattering light
Like to see ourselves shot from our best side
Like to have a good review or two
But don't like to show we like to hide
It's tough not to get what we want the way that we want it
Deleted scenes, forgotten dreams

Used to think my life was a movie
But then somehow I lost the plot
Something happened and then something else
It got as tangled as a gordian knot
In the end it went straight to DVD, yeah
Deleted scenes, forgotten dreams
Track Name: I Am Everywhere You Are
I saw you sprawled out in a field
It was right out of Christina's World
There was a wildness in your look
As if all of your flags had unfurled
Come on and take me
Come on and take me away

And I am everywhere you are
Everywhere you want me to be
No matter near or far
I can see
I can see

We drank ourselves sick with lust
We spit into the brown southern night
We made a pact sealed with a prick
Somehow that black blood felt so right
Come on and run away
Come on and run away with me
Track Name: She Folds Into You Like Pages in a Book
You see her and you want her
And you will for the rest of your days
She sees you and she wants you
And she understands all of your ways

She folds into you like pages in a book
Just the way she holds onto your every word
It's in her soul and it's in her look
It's in the way her love is transferred

You hold her and you kiss her
And you say it will be all right
You lay with her like two halves of a whole
You do it each and every night

We live in a world where nothing seems to work
And no one really gets you
But when I see the way her body lies with yours
I see someone who really fits you

You feel her and she moves you
Nothing like your love for one another
She feels you and you move her
She's your girl and you are her mother
Track Name: Bad Science
Beliefs are like the air
They float around but never seem to come on down, down, down
They are convenient but what do they really do
They are only there to keep you from what is true, true, true

Bad science

Do you like your alchemy
'Cause if you do I gotta a bridge I wanna sell to you, you, you
Some got philosophy
Some just jerk their knee
Don't care about double-blind
You got all the truth you need to find

Give me the data
That's all I need
Give me the data
Don't give me a pseudoscientific screed

Having faith is such a tricky thing
Without it you're lost but with it you're pretty lost as well
I rely on what I know
It's the only way I understand what I can know
Track Name: Is Time Not the Sharpest Stake in the Heart?
Thirty years ago
We thought the days passed slow
I know, I know
We didn't have a care
And now that seems quite unfair
We weren't unaware

Is time not the sharpest stake in the heart
It creeps on up and does us in
Is time not the sharpest stake in the heart
It's all lose and no win

Thirty years ago
We sat around and drank our joe
Sipped it slow
We laughed at all the fat old men
There was no future there was no then
Won't be like that again

Time will get you
Time will have its way
Time will track you down
Time will make you its prey

Thirty years ago
We were all aglow
I know, I know
Track Name: Wild Child
You got a feral look in your eyes
A look that's set in stone
And if anyone gets too close to you
You pull their flesh off their bone

Wild, wild child
You're a real wild, wild child

You kick and scream and kick and scream
Like an animal tied to a stake
But if any fool should set you free
That would be a terrible mistake

You dig deep down in the dirt and decay
And then you partake of it
You grow and consume all you know
You do it for the sake of it
Track Name: Under a Blood Moon
We dance in the fields
On a hot summer night
I sing in your ear
While mosquitoes do bite
And what do we care
You throw back your hair
And you say

Oh how I love you
That's the name of the tune
We can sing it forever
Under this here blood moon

Your cheeks are ablaze
And your dress is on fire
Your heart's gonna burst
From all your pent-up desire
You kick off your shoes
And toss off your blues
And you cry

We hang on to each other
Hang with all our might
We hang on to each other
We make everything all right

We walk these old streets
From Bay Ridge to Bed Stuy
With stars in our pockets
And that blood moon in the sky
Tomorrow and tomorrow
All the time we can borrow
And we sing
Track Name: Surf's Up
Well we drove ourselves
Up the coast to Zuma Beach
We did
Yes, we did
And when we found our spot
We stopped the car with a screech
We did
We really did
Then we hiked ourselves
Down the steep side of a hill
We did
That's what we did
Then we tromped a ways down the shore
To find our thrill
We did
We really did

Well a wave came in and it carried us away
Surf's up
They never found nothing much
But sand and spray
Surf's up

Well we found ourselves out
Among the fish in the sea
We did
Yes, we did
We were both holding onto
The trunk of a tree
We did
We really did
When all of a sudden
We spotted a distant land
We did
All the natives there
Looked friendly and tanned
They did
They really did

So we danced and ate and carried on
Until we felt totally shot
So shot
Then the natives scooped us up
And stuck us in a giant black iron pot
Quite hot
Track Name: This Is My America
I was born here
And I feel like I should belong
So why does everything
Seem so wrong, wrong, wrong
All the things I know
They're just not true

This is my America
The land of the brave
And the home of the free
This is my America
But this is no place
No place for me

Everybody is connected
But nobody is in touch
And the few who say they care
Well they don't care
So much

If it's America do or die
I have to ask you why, why, why
Track Name: Strip Back the Funk
You gotta strip back the funk
Bring it down to a basic beat
Strip back the funk
Reet petite

Gotta walk it like you talk it
With a sliver of om-pah
Keep it down to a snap and a kick
With a bounce of loom-pah
Don't need nothing fancy
No sudden hips or hops
Just spin it right in the middle
Spin it right, Pops

You gotta strip back the funk
Bring it down to a basic beat
Strip back the funk
Reet petite
Track Name: Turn Back the Clock
Can't hold back time
Thought I could
What a fool I am
Do I think I'm God
Cause if I'm not
I'm also not his lamb
I fell down and saw things from life's underside
Now I want to get up
But I can't quite seem to catch my stride

Turn back the clock

Live for today
Cause if I don't
When will be I alive
Keep some hope
In my pocket
Helps me to survive
Maybe one day I'll return to society
But for now I prefer my strange propriety

Life is not a sprint on a running track
It's more a like a jog in the rain
You grope around and smash into things
And wind up with a terrible sprain