Higgledy Piggledy

by Eliot Wilder

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The world it is a frightening place
Gettin' scarier by the second
Hate is blown' up all around
More than anyone could have reckoned
Who can understand it, yeah
Don't wanna participate
Rather live in my tiny bubble of love
Than to live in a world of hate


released August 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: My Own Version of the Blues
Who's to say that the world I see
Is any less darker than yours
And who's to say that the hell I been through
Is not as bad as what anyone endures
And who's to say that only you are allowed
To have the access to what cures

I've done my time
I've done my duty
And I have paid my dues
I do declare
My own version of the blues

Who's to say that the thoughts I think
Aren't as deep as the deep blue sea
And who's to say that the shit I feel
Doesn't sting like the sting of a bee
And who's to say that only you can know
How it feels to be the enemy

Who's to say that only you are allowed
To look cool in a low-riding pant
And who's to say that only you have the right
To go off on an angry rant
And who's to say that only you can know
How it feels to be squished like an ant
Track Name: Walk It Back
Sometimes I hafta ask myself
How can I be so dumb
I get myself into quite a mess
And wind up zero sum
I post shit in the internet
And then I see my error
That benign little comment I once made
Has becomes a big ol' terror

Who can I blame for my dumb-ass ways
'Cept the fool inside my skin
He makes me do such hateful shit
He leads me into sin
I try to get out in front of him
But he screams, Yo get behind me
So I get back and back and back
And hopefully he won't find me

If only I could walk it back

Sometimes I am feelin' it
And I act out like a creep
Sometimes I wanna whack some dude
And toss him on the heap
I bet you hear what I am sayin'
You been in my shoes
You get sick to death of being marginalized
You're at end of your fuse

Someone sits on top of me
And someone sits below
I'm being squeezed from top to bottom
Cleared off like a backhoe
So I kick some ass and I bust some chops
And I wind up in the can
Sometimes I should ask myself
Is this there a better way, man
Track Name: Freight Train
We are clanking
We are clanking down the track
We are going
We are going
Won't be back
We are shaking
We are shaking like a drunk
We are churning
We are churning in a funk

We're a freight train, freight train
Here we go
We're a freight train, freight train

We are burning
We are burning up the past
We no care
We no care if nothing last
We are blocking
We are blocking out the light
No one tells us
No one tells us what is right

We no stop
We no stop
We no stop

We are stirring
We are stirring up the pot
We are running
We are running cold to hot
We are breaking
We are breaking all the rules
We are crushing
We are crushing all the fools
Track Name: You Probably Don't Remember
Well I used to sit in the back of the class
And I never said a single word
The other kids didn't know me at all
To them I looked like some strange bird
I gave them all a reason to laugh
And laugh they did right in my face
It broke my heart and tore me up
But it made for a pretty good hiding place, yeah

Later on I became a reporter
And I wrote down every single thing I saw
I was coolly dispassionate
Took a little bit of chutzpah, yeah, oh yeah

You probably don't remember
You probably don't remember, oh no
You probably don't remember
But me I remember, I do

Well I used to be an unwitting outsider
I felt so aloof and alone
No one wanted to get next to me
I was like that old rolling stone
I felt all ugly and stupid
I was useless and inept
But when I wrote reports from the front
It was something for which I was adept, yeah

Yeah I wasn't the sharpest knife
Yeah I wasn't Hemingway
But I kept an eye on things
And I swooped in like a bird of prey, yeah, oh yeah

Well I used to be a pathetic old slob
And no one would ever know my name
I was never gonna be anybody
Or garner any kind of public acclaim
I would never be a rock n roll star
Never be likely to succeed
Just one more link in the chain
Of the giant human centipede, yeah
Track Name: Your Dirty Seed
You live in a perfect world
Everything goes your way
The sun it shines down on you
You never have a cloudy day

You get everything you want
You get everything you need
You get the whole wide world in your hands
But you don't get to spread
Your dirty seed

Your house is spick and span
It's hermetically sealed
Not a thread out of place
Your every wound is healed

You think you look pretty hot
Your kind of style it don't come cheap
That nose cost 10 G's
Enough to make a poor man weep

You live in a perfect world
One which you are unbound
But when it comes to your dirty seed
You don't get to spread it around
Track Name: I'm Gonna Build Myself a Wall
The world it is a frightening place
Gettin' scarier by the day
Angry folks are acting out
They wanna get their way
The dark side's taken over
Hate has been unleashed
The devil has come back to town
To have himself a feast

I have seen enough
And I have seen it all
I'm gonna build myself a wall
I'm gonna build a wall

The world it is a frightening place
Gettin' scarier by the minute
The decent folk have given up
They know that they can't win it
Who can understand it, yeah
Or participate
I'd rather live in a bubble of love
Than live in a world of hate

The world it is a frightening place
Gettin' scarier by the second
Hate is blown' up all around
More than we could have reckoned
Track Name: The Water Is Rising
There's danger here
And there's danger there
Sparks are flying everywhere
Anger on the left
Anger on the right
There can be no peace
There is only fight, fight, fight
You wanna fight
You wanna fight
But who can tell you what is right
What's right

The water rising
Going over the top
The water is rising
It don't ever stop, no, no
It is flooding your basement
Gonna wash you away
You can't stop it
Here comes judgment day

There's hatred here
And there's hatred there
People are hatin' everywhere
Fighting on the left
Fighting on the right
And the ones that win
Are the ones with might, might, might
You gotta have might
Have might
But who in the end is upright

There are righteous here
And there are righteous there
Everyone's righteous everywhere
Slogans on the left
Slogans on the right
It's us against them
Black versus white, black, white
It's dynamite
And who ever sees the warning light
Track Name: Summer in the City
There are frightening sounds outside my door
The sounds of people screaming
They want someone to acknowledge them
In the twilight's last gleaming
They see themselves as victims, yeah
They feel crushed down into dust
They all want what they got coming
It's liberty or bust

Well the outrage is growing louder
Fists are pumping in the sky
They wanna know just what's going on
They don't wanna hear a lie
They are sick of all their leaders
They wanna toss 'em in the trash
They are sick of empty promises
It's all balderdash, yeah

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn't it a pity
Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city

There are terrible scenes all across this land
Scenes of people hating
The cops are shooting up the innocent
With no signs of abating
It is summer in the city
There is rioting in the street
Everywhere there's a showdown
And no one's gonna retreat, yeah

These are scary times for one and all
And no one is scott free
There's a feeling of outrage, anger and dread
Like never before in history
It is black versus white
It is them versus us
Who will be the last one standing
And who will be under the bus, yeah
Track Name: I've Seen Enough for Now
When I was a child I was happy as a clam
Nothing could break my shell
I loved to laugh and laugh I did
While the world it went to hell
But things are different these days
The laughs don't come easy no how
I just want to hide inside my room
I've seen enough for now

Now I'm a man I'm not so happy no more
I've seen the shit that people do
I feel frightened and more than dismayed
No one says nothing that's true
You may think I'm some old fart
You have seen me have a cow
I just want to hide inside my room
I've seen enough for now

Maybe one day we might change
But you know we probably won't
How often could we do
We could do the right thing
How often we mostly don't

People are hating like never before
They all want their piece of the pie
There's only so much to go around
And the well it's almost run dry
I wish I believed it'll get better
I wish that I could speed the plow
I just want to hide inside my room
I've seen enough for now
Track Name: Black Dog
We are on the outside
We are looking in
We are waiting for the dream to start
Ah, the time
The time ticks by
Ticks to the rhythm of the heart
Ah, the rhythm

Somewhere behind us a train whistle blows
Long and low
Deep and dark
And up the tracks we hear the whine
Off in the night
It sings to us
Like a sad song
Like a sad song

This is the end
The end of the world
Time to pack up all our things
Say goodbye
To those we love
Yonder hangs our angel wings
Take our wings

And everywhere we are
There's a black dog
There's a black dog on our tail
And everywhere we are
We hear a black dog
We hear a black dog wail
Singing, Whooo-oooo

Dad is here
And so is mom
And everyone we ever knew
They are waiting
Beyond the gate
It's time for us to step on through
Step on through
Track Name: Bad Actor
All these things I feel
Do I really feel 'em
Do I really feel 'em for real
Or do I just say I feel 'em
When in fact
I don't know what I feel

I'm a bad actor
A wannabe
I'm a bad actor
That's me

All these things I say
Do I really mean 'em
Or is it all a pose
All these things I do
Why do I do 'em
Why do I do 'em
Who knows

Don't mean to trick ya
But I trick ya
With my wily ways
I lure you in
And you get hooked
By my fancy turn of phrase