Incidentally Yours

by Eliot Wilder

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Angry words in an angry time
What will we remember
What will we forget
When the story is written
Just how will it look
Will it be a future of regret


released April 16, 2016

Cover girl: lost to time



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: The Ramble
Hey that's me out on a ramble
Yeah that's me out on a ramble

Out to where the air's all clear
Out to where I have no fear
Out to find the truth, I swear

I'm out on a ramble
I'm out on a ramble

Hey that's me out on a ramble
Yeah that's me out on a ramble

Out here on the open road
Out here with no fixed abode
Out here with my soul unbowed

I'm out on a ramble
I'm out on a ramble

Having me a dandy time
Drinking me some candy wine

Out here where I got no phone
Out here in the vast unknown
Out here where I shake my bones

I'm out on a ramble
I'm out on a ramble

Hey that's me out on a ramble
Yeah that's me out on a ramble

Out here I got no name
Out here I got no claim
Out here I got no game
Track Name: When Happiness Shows Up, Always Give It a Comfortable Chair
Not too much good left in this world
Mostly too much bad
And when you get to really thinking about it
Just makes you sad
Gotta hold onto the good times you have
'Cause they are gone right quick
Drink up all the Champagne while you can
So you can get your kick

No sense in you fussing
Over all the milk you spilled
No sense in you fretting
And feeling unfulfilled

Not too much good left in this world
Mostly things that suck
Try to live it up every day
And pray for a little luck
You can connive and you can conspire
But you ain't got no control
Don't bother even make your plans
That's a fruitless goal

When happiness shows up
Try to let go of your despair
When happiness shows up
Always give it a comfortable chair

Not too much good left in this world
Mostly too much pain
You can try your best to cover it up
But you can't erase the stain
Gotta hold onto the good times you have
They'll vanish like a ghost
The road ahead leads to the unknown
Just try to make the most
Track Name: The Hard Way
Why am I such a pain in the ass
Why am I always critical mass
Why am I forever stirring the pot
It's not that I like it that way not, no
The road I plow is rocky and rough
Why can't I bounce on the downy fluff
Some get the marrow
Some the gristle
Some get fucked at the starting whistle
Dumb luck

Why I gotta do it
Why I gotta do it
Why I gotta do it
Why I gotta do it the hard way

Why do I keep on rocking the boat
When I can't keep myself afloat
I'm a round peg in a square hole
Your basic archetypal lost old soul
The road I plow is pitted and cracked
The thoughts I think are vaguely abstract
Some get the wheat
Some get the chaff
Some always get themselves the last laugh
Bully, bully

Why do I always play the fool
It's not like I never went to school
Can't help but put my foot in my face
So don't even bother to get on my case
The road I plow is riddled and pocked
My every out well it has been blocked
Some get the gravy
Some get the gruel
Some get crushed, yeah life is cruel
Not fair
Track Name: So You Need Me Now
So I hadn't heard from you in a dog's age
You hadn't felt a need to talk to this old fool
I was not some kind of priority
I was just a guy you knew back at school
But things have changed at least for you
And suddenly I've come back into view

Yeah, oh yeah
So you need me now
Yeah, oh yeah

Suddenly I am on your radar
More than a blip you can't identify
I'm a person with a face and a name
Not something to be swatted like a fly
You see me as one of your dearest friends
Not gonna say you're the one who pretends

I guess I've come in kind of handy after all
And I'm, I'm just as surprised as you
Well you wrote me off a million of years ago
Yeah, you put me on the list of those you don't talk to
But now that you kind of need me for this favor
Suddenly I taste like your favorite flavor
Track Name: The Bastards Win
You can walk with mountains
And you can live among kings
You call them gods
While they do ungodly things
You can avert your gaze
While they take all your land
You can talk like a native
A native you don't understand
You can give them water
And feed them like cattle
But don't let don't your guard
Till the final battle
You can love 'em like children
But they don't give nothing back
It's just who they are
Who they are is pretty whack

Doncha give in or the bastards win

You can raise your children
And maybe they will overcome
But more than likely
They'll get struck down dumb
Nothing is more powerful
Than the sword that they wield
You can try to stand up to them
But sooner or later you'll yield
They got all the goodies
And they got all the cash
They'll burn through your neighborhood
And toss you out like trash
And if you think I'm kidding
Better you think once more
They are up inside your attic
And just beneath your floor
Track Name: The History Train
Here it comes
Blowin' smoke
Straight to your town
Full of piss
Full of steam
Gonna run you down
Black as hell
Big as shit
Scary as a beast
Never stops
This movable feast

Shake that chain
It's the history train
Going down
Going down, down
Like a hurricane
The history train
Going down
Going down, down

Thunder crack
Lightning bolt
Makes a big ol' noise
Mothers weep
Soldiers march
Coming in convoys
Rappers shout
Babies scream
All gone in a wink
Pots and pans
Arms and legs
The whole kitchen sink

You can close all your curtains
And silence your clocks
But outside your window
It circles like a hawk

Here it comes
It is coming to you
Here it comes
And there's nothing you can do

Angry words in an angry time
What will we remember
What will we forget
When the story is written
Just how will it look
Will it be a future of regret
Track Name: Sleep Tight
There's a plastic patch in the ocean
From all the bottles we toss
It's as big as the size of Texas
It's thick as cocktail sauce
It's choking off the oxygen
And killing all the fish
It's gotten into the food chain
It's gotten in our favorite dish
We don't do nothing about it
Why should we care
There are just too many horrors
In our living nightmare
Sleep tight
Pleasant dreams
All right
Sleep tight
Sleep tight

There's a guy who wants to be president
Gonna right what's wrong
He struts around like cock of the walk
The same old song
The shit he says is racist
His plans are downright dumb
But he is like a mirror
Who shows us what we've become
But we don't wanna see it
Don't wanna open the lid
Inside is a jack in the box
With a kingsized id

The world is one huge horror show
And here's a coming attraction
It's all gonna blow in a blast of fire
From a bloody chain reaction
There are just too many people now
And we all have big demands
There are just too many people now
Too many idle hands
It's three minutes to midnight
All the scientists say
So go ahead and text your friends
Have a nice day
Track Name: Strangers
I see you on the subway
You're headed outward bound
Your hair is thickly braided
Your eyes they make no sound

I can't help but staring
I'm a curious kind of guy
Want to ask you what your name is
And I hope you might reply

We are strangers
Strangers to the end
My secret friend

I never see you texting
Or using a device
Sometimes I see you eating
A bowl of jasmine rice

I can't help but staring
I wonder what you think
Do you notice that I'm watching you
Did I just see you wink

I see you on the subway
Every day at half past eight
Is it mere coincidence
Or is it really fate

I'd like to get to know you
Ask you what you think of me
But if I got to know you
I'd wreck this fantasy
Track Name: This Is Where I Came In
My bones they are all brittle
And my muscles they sag
My body it feels, yes it feels
Like a wind-whipped old flag
I know the end is coming
It's not too far ahead
All the people I knew when I was young
They are now gone and dead

This is where, this is where I came in
This is where, this is where I go out
This is where, this is where I came in
This is where I go out
Not with a whimper but a shout

My heart is a-hurtin'
And my legs they are so weak
I'm so filled up with anger I can barely speak
The world is fucking crazy
The world is unfair
You can stamp and scream about it and no one seems to care

Some people think I'm pathetic
When they think of me at all
I have no ways and means and no wherewithal
I'm out here on the edges
Singing this dumb old song
Don't matter if I'm right or if I'm wrong
Track Name: Woke Up With a Monster
I heard the bed a-creakin'
And I felt a great big weight
It bore right down on top of me
When I was trying to masturbate
Its smelled just a like sausage
Its eyes like LEDs
It said it'd come to take me
And do just what it please
Yeah, oh yeah

Woke up with a monster
Right there on my bed
Said it would devour me
And leave my soul for dead
Woke up with a monster
Woke up with a monster

It stared me right straight in the face
It said to me, "You rang?"
It asked me what I wanted most
And then it left me hang
It acted pretty tricky
Its motives were suspect
It made me get down on my knees
It made me genuflect

"I've come here for your body," it said
"I've come here for your soul
You are not in charge here
I am in control
If you think you'll beat me
Better think about that twice
I throw fists of acid
While everyone else throws rice"
Track Name: On My Way Home
Got my things all packed away
Turned off the radio
Took one last look around
And told myself I'm ready to go

I was born a long, long way
From where I'm wanna be
And now I'm, I'm on my way
I'm on my back way home

Got my ticket in my hand
The train is almost here
A wind blows my at my back
My eyes let go a tear

Scenes go floating by
Like something from a dream
And I let go a laugh
This is not just what it seems