Los Feliz

by Eliot Wilder

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Consider time
It comes and goes
And you're left wondering just where it went
You're its slave
You're its prisoner
It leaves you in forever torment


released February 28, 2016

Cover girl: Sharon Skelton, ca. 1985



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: This Precious Time
Consider time
It comes and goes
And you're left wondering just where it went
You're its slave
You're its prisoner
It leaves you in forever torment

This precious time
This precious time is all you get

Consider time
So brusk and heartless
It will break you and make you its bitch
It is cruel
It is indifferent
It doesn't care if you're poor or rich

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Goes the clock

Consider time
Then and now
You can't escape it though you may try
It will find you
It will crush you
It'll make you old and then you'll die
Track Name: Falling for You
I'm a raindrop
I'm the morning dew
I'm a raindrop
And I'm falling for you

I have been lurking in corners
And underneath the apple cart
If you could see what's inside of me
It might grab at your heart

I am just outside of your window
Gazing in your bedroom at night
I'm not a stalker or a crazy gawker
I am attracted to your light

I have been reading all your emails
Some are not addressed to me
It just shows you, who really knows you
The addressor or the addressee
Track Name: It Did Happen
Funny how you seem to forget all the things that you regret
You select what suits you best
Edit out missteps and mistakes
The time your foot slipped off the brakes
Best to keep it all suppressed
But who are you kidding
I know you're not one to be admitting

Try to deny it but it did happen
Look I have the proof
Try to deny it but it did happen
Even if it went poof
Try to deny it but it did happen
You can blank it out
But I have no doubt

I'm the guy you live to hate
The guy you want to obliterate
Gotta wash this man right out of your hair
It's just like we didn't exist
I am gone with a flick of your wrist
Never had to admit you had an affair
Don't matter who was right or wrong
Never even said, So long

You got your house in the 'burbs
With numbers painted on the curbs
It's all so neat and tidy
Your daughter's on the cheerleading squad
Your son has got his shoulders broad
He has a game this Friday
You got your story and I got mine
Mine is crooked and yours's a straight line
Track Name: The Cool Wind of Hope Blows Eternal
Every so often someone comes along
And restores your faith in mankind
Every so often someone seems so right
And then they rob you blind

Now and then a dream comes true
Makes you want to wish for more
A door opens, a finger beckons
Then you see just what you fell for

The cool wind of hope blows eternal
As if to keep us on our toes
Maybe there'll be a brighter day tomorrow
So pack up all of your woes

Once in a while you catch a break
From all your worries and distress
But just when things start going well
They collapse in a mess

Comes a time you settle down
The clouds part and it's blue sky blue
But just when you stand yourself upright
The rug gets yanked from under you
Track Name: This Photograph Is My Proof
It was a cold, cold winter
The snow never stopped coming down
We had nowhere to go, no
No nothing happening all over town
We stayed in our tiny room
Never bothered to turn on the light
It was her and me under the blankets
Every single day and every night

This photograph is my proof
There was that afternoon
When things were still good between us
And she embraced me
Oh yes she did
And we were so happy
It did happen
She did love me
Look see for yourself

We sent out for our groceries
Let the trash pile up on the floor
Moved the chairs and the dresser
So we couldn't get out the front door
Made lots of loving
Plowed through a stack of magazines
Fell asleep in the afternoons
Ate a bag of jelly beans

I'm not sentimental
But I sure do miss those days
I remember her laughter
And the way she could turn a phrase
I'm not sentimental
But I sure wish that we go back
Just for that little something-something
That these days seem to lack

Yeah I still have that picture
Even though it is faded with time
It really caught that moment
In a way that's truly sublime
I am there smiling
And you can see her smiling too
Too bad we had to leave it behind
And bid each other a sad adieu
Track Name: We All Have a Past
Everyone's done stuff they'd rather not recall
Stuff that makes them look bad that took a little gall
Like the time you stole a wallet
When you thought no one was lookin'
It put you on a path to a lifetime of crookin'
We can think that we are virtuous that we are good and just
But deep down deep our morals are bust
We can think that we are righteous
Like Martin Luther King
But it's not always easy to do the right thing

We all have a past
We all have a past
And sooner or later
It bites us on the ass

Everyone's done stuff that they're not proud
That makes them no better than the rest of the crowd
They can try to hide it or make up some excuse
Like who would turn down a golden goose
These ugly little secrets hidden under the bed
That no one will find until after we're dead
These ugly little secrets hidden inside our hearts
We can keep them buried in our private parts
These ugly little secrets
These ugly little secrets
Track Name: Heat
I'm on fire
Skin's ablaze
I'm on fire
Evil ways
I am smokin'
Feel the burn
I am smokin'
Grave concern

I feel the heat

Hot as hell
I need a beer
Hot as hell
Devil's in here
Steam is risin'
Burn my feet
Steam is risin'
Steam heat

Got a fever
Can't put it out
Got a fever
In a drought
I'm on fire
Skin's ablaze
I'm on fire
Evil ways
Track Name: I Will Forget You
Wish I knew then what I know now
That everything flees
Thought that I would always have it all
And I could do just as I please

All of my loved ones
And each and every friend
I will forget you, I will forget you
I will forget you in the end

I look at a faded photo
I don't recall the time or place
There is some girl in blue jeans
I don't recognize the face

I will forget the times we fought
I will forget when we reconciled
I will forget when we danced so close
I will forget when we went wild
I will forget when we made love
I will forget our only child

What's the point in carrying on
When nothing remains
We think should not ever give up the ghost
As long as blood's in our veins
Track Name: The Hurtin' Kind
Don't know why I always got you on my mind
When all you ever gave me was grief
You're never far from my innermost thoughts
And I pray for a little relief
Hopin' that it will come soon

Now and then I think I see your face
Or someone who resembles you
I want to you that you're driving me nuts
Don't you got better to do
Like give someone else grief

Yeah I know you're the hurtin' kind
I knew it from the start
Yeah I know you're the hurtin' kind
'Cause you broke my heart

You'd probably hate it if you heard this song
You'd think I'd need to get a life
You'd say, What the hell is always wrong with you
Aren't you happy with your wife
And why wouldn't I be

I was there and I saw it all
There's no denying what you did
You tore me down, down, down
You tore me down, down, down

Things with you no never turn out too well
There ain't no happy ever after
The last guy who blew through your life
They found swinging from the rafter
He is better off that way
Track Name: Los Feliz
We had a little place on the East Side
We called it our sugar shack
Spent our days baskin' 'long the LA river
Watched the ducks go quack

We were the happy ones
We were the happy ones
All the livelong day

We liked to watch all the skaters
And the street artists hard at work
Then the taggers they'd tag every square inch
That guy Manny, what a jerk

Oh the sweet life on Los Feliz
Those were carefree days
Oh the sweet life on Los Feliz
All the usual cliches

Loved our place on the East Side
Though the landlord, he was a dealer
And just for the shortest point in time
I felt like a big wheeler