Low Down

by Eliot Wilder

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I can laugh and I can cry
I can ask myself why, why, why
I can live a life that's as real as it gets
Pick myself up when I'm blown to bits
I can be good as good as can be
But will that be better
Better for me


released December 31, 2013

Recorded while in withdrawal.



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: The Heart Wants What It Wants
Give me what I want
Or I will take it
There are certain things
That I require
I have basic needs
That need to be filled
I need to fill my heart's burning desire
I want all you got
And if I don't get it
I will make you rue the day
You were born
Don't give a shit
What you think of me
I don't care if I'm the butt
Of your scorn
I can feel it
I can feel it in my veins
They will find it
They will find it my remains

The heart wants what it wants
And it's gonna get it
The heart needs what it needs
Won't let you forget it

I won't let it go
Once I get it
I hope you don't take me
For some kind of fool
I'm no easy mark
No pushover
I don't care if I got to be cruel
Got a gaping hole
Right in my middle
And I will fill
With the guts of weak
At the finish line
I break the ribbon
I step right over
Tender hands of the meek
I can hear it
I can hear it growing stronger
Can't control it
Can't control it any longer

I want everything
Yes I want it all
Want all the money
Want to be ten feet tall
I want your love
I want your respect
Yes you heard me clear
Yes you heard correct
Track Name: A Prince Among Men
I go out marching and it's
Hup, two, three, four
To a beat that's reet petite
Drag along my fleet at my feet
I am commander
I bear the bold brass standard
And all I got to do win them over
Is pander

I am a prince among men
A prince among men
I am a prince among men
I am a prince

I'm in the papers
I give the young girls vapors
Well they swoon and scream
At their dreamboat dream
Creme de la creme
It don't matter what I say
Black plus white equals gray
I don't care if you're straight or gay
Down we go the Appian Way
Track Name: Pray for the Pretty People
Pretty people got their problems
Much more problems than you and me
They gotta worry about their image
Can't be footloose and fancy free
What if they start going bald
What if they start getting fat
They might stop being pretty
And being pretty is where it's at

Here's the church
Here's the steeple
Pray for the pretty people

Pretty people got their hardships
I'm sure you might agree
Being pretty takes a lot of work
You can't be pretty casually
Got to stay at the cutting edge
Got to buy the coolest clothes
Got to wear the the hippest cologne
So you can keep on smelling like a rose

Pray along with me
Like this

Pretty people are so persecuted
Just for looking so darn hot
Your average Joe and Jill are jealous of them
Because of what their not
Sure you want to be admired
For what you're like on the surface
As long as no one peers too deep
That would defeat the purpose
Track Name: What in Holy Hell Do You Want From Me?
Once you lie to me we're done
We're done
It only takes one lie
Just one
You may think I'm way too hard
But trust me I've been burned
And if I go against my guts
Then it's like nothing has been learned

Are we OK
You want us to be
We're not OK
It's a tragedy
What in holy hell do you want
What in holy hell do you want from me

You may think
That I'm just being ridiculous
But that is part of the deal
My little miss
You want me to be easy
And just make nice and go along
But all that I am
Says you're wrong, you're wrong

Won't I just play your game
I can't play your game
Won't I pretend we're still the same
We're not the same

Things that you have said sound suspect
Just the way that you
So skillfully misdirect
No surprise when I caught you
In the middle of a big fat fib
Just the way that you talk it's so smooth
And so cool and so glib
Track Name: Deliverance
Good old friend
Where are you now
Now that I need you the most
Wish that I could
Rely on you
But I can't rely on a ghost
Open the door
And walk right in
I'm waiting here
It's where I've been

You could lift me up when I feel low
Won't you please deliver me
You could be where I want to go
Won't you please deliver me

Good old friend
Where have you gone
I'm beginning to think you just don't care
I'm in a hole
And I need a hand
The world's been treating me unfair
Would it hurt to give
A moment of your time
Buddy can I ask you
To spare me a dime
Track Name: The September Light Is Beginning to Fall Toward Winter
The September light
Is beginning to fall toward winter
A whiff of melancholy is stirring up the air
We are pulling down fences
And planting our perennials
Packing up our umbrella
And our crummy lawn chair

Here comes the Christmas trees
Here comes the twinkly lights
Here comes the ice and snow
Here comes the longest nights

I'm going down, down, down, down

The smell of burning leaves
Stimulates so many memories
The crackle of bark and a carpet of gold
It won't last long so we embrace it while we can
Soon the coolish days
Will turn to downright cold

Here comes the bags of salt
Here comes the sacks of sand
Here comes the hard black ice
Here comes winter's wonderland

I'm going down, down, down, down

The flaming glory autumn burns bright
But oh so brief
Cherish it deeply for too soon it's gone
All the leaves are brown
And the skies are gray
And a blanket of snow now covers the lawn
Here comes the itchy skin
Here comes the psoriasis
Here comes the thermal socks
Here comes winter's deadly kiss
Track Name: Hell and High Water
I can laugh and I can cry
I can ask myself why, why, why
I can live a life that's as real as it gets
Pick myself up when I'm blown to bits
I can be good as good as I can be
But will that be better
Better for me

It is both hell and high water
And I am going down, down, down
It is both hell and high water
And I am going to drown, drown, drown

I can walk and I can run
Do all I can under the sun
I can love and I can hate
I can be early and I can be late
I can pretend that my life is good
But all my pretending
Won't do me much good

I got stuck and I could not move
Locked myself out of my own inner groove
The key broke off in the ignition
Right there and then
Was the last transmission
Track Name: Marching to Shibboleth
I got all the answers
And I can tell you
What you need to do
If you follow my instructions
You will find yourself a buried clue
I am your bestest bet
As close to God as you will get

We are marching to Shibboleth
With the eagle and the sword
We are praising Zion till her death
Until we meet our last reward

If I seem a bit opaque
That's because you're a philistine
You're not good enough to kiss my ring
Or understand just what I might mean
I come from another breed
I fulfill a certain human need

Don't ask questions
Just you follow me
And I will lead you by your nose
If I seem a bit superior
It's because I am I suppose

I will love you like a child
You will look at me beguiled

Marching, marching to Shibboleth
Marching, marching to Shibboleth
Marching, marching to Shibboleth
Until we meet our last reward
Track Name: I'm Goin' Down
I'm headed nowhere none too fast
Why need I care
The good times are long passed
I'll just sit and stare
Nothing's happening
No, no, no
Think I'll watch TV
Is this the way it winds up
The way it winds up for me
How can it be
How can it be

Down, down, down
I'm goin' down
Down, down, down

Well I am feeling so bored
I got nothing to do
I think I'll fix myself a drink
Or maybe I'll fix me two
The world seems distant
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's so far away
Who could I call
Who could I call
And what would I say
Today's like any
Today's like any day

Down, down, down
Down, down, down
Down, down, down

I'm feeling so low down
My nerves are shot to hell
Just about done with this old world
Just about to say farewell
But there is one thing before I go
One thing I'd like to glean
What did it mean
What did it mean
What did it mean jellybean
What did it mean
What did it mean