Remember Me

by Eliot Wilder

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So I am a peephole
Into a windowless room
Where the sweat on the tiles
Is the only perfume
On the desk is a diary
And next to it a vase
The rose draws blood
And it drips on the lace


released May 10, 2015

For Lloyd and absent family.

Cover photo taken by Christine Wilder in Florence, Italy, where many of these songs were dreamed up.



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: People Are the Same
From the darkest jungles
To the tallest peaks
To the very spot from whence we came
From the desert savanna
To the bayous of Louisiana
People everywhere are the same

We live to fight
It feels so right
It's part of our DNA
We live to hate
It's our common trait
Wouldn't have it any other way

We pray to God
Don't spare the rod
We smite down all of our foes
We make our laws
Ignore of flaws
Why we do it no one knows
Track Name: Remember Me
I was once a part of you
Though you may try to deny it
And you were once a part me
Someplace deep and quiet
Does it matter who hurt whom
Or we hash over history
All I ask of you now
Is that you remember me

Had a house out in East LA
Hidden behind some bougainvillea
And one day you went and disappeared
Just like that gal Amelia
Want to tell you the cat has died
And I set our chatty cockatiel free
And oh yes, one more thing
Please remember me

It's all that I want
It's all that I need
It is no mystery
If it's not too much
Here is my wish
Honey please remember me
It's all I require
It's all I desire
Give me your guarantee
Wherever you roam
Whatever you do
Honey please remember me
Track Name: Where's That Son?
It's funny how all that time can go by
But it goes by you can't deny
Seems like only yesterday I had my youth
But then it got away from me
Vanished for eternity
Hey, that's the cold, hard truth

A baby holds your hand
And suddenly there's a huge man
Lifting you off the ground
And then he's gone
Where's that son

What ever happened to my old friends
Many of them have reached bad ends
Yeah, the years have not been too kind
Some of them are in serious pain
And some of them have gone down the drain
And some of them have been kicked in the behind

Time, time, time
See what's become of me
While I look around
For my possibilities

Why is life so damn unfair
It's as if life just does not care
Looks like all my best days gone forever
Am I a fool to hope for the best
Am I a fool just like all the rest
Yeah, my ship will arrive at half-past never
Track Name: Continuum
So I am nothing and nothing is me
A speck of dust just aching to be
I clean up in the morning
I rearrange the chairs
I live out my days
In meaningless affairs

There is no beginning and there is no end
There is only the arc of the continuum
No there is no right and there is no wrong
There is only the arc of the continuum

So I am a peephole
Into a windowless room
Where the sweat on the tiles
Is the only perfume
On the desk is a diary
And next to it a vase the rose draws blood
And it drips on the lace

Went down the garden
We watched a fish die
My child she broke down
And how she did cry
We said a prayer and put it in the ground
I told her one day
The fish would come back around

Ray died of cancer
It was the end of an age
Someone needs to show up
And start a new page
So I look to tomorrow
And I hold out hope
I'm only one knot
On this long piece of rope
Track Name: Old Country
They drove me out
In a big beige Cadillac
The kind my Uncle Seymour had
They handed me my papers
And wished me best of luck
And said, Cheer up it's not so bad

And oh-oh, I came to the old country
Where everyone just sits around
Oh-oh, I came to the old country
It's the old-folk part of town

There sat Benjy
That funny kid from high school
He looked a little worse for wear
There were lines on face
And his hands they shook a little
And he had lost all of his hair

Nobody's too happy
They mostly complain
It's always something
And helluva pain

There sat Julie
She used to be so pretty
But now she looks pretty dire
She grunts when she moves
But she says that it's all good
She was always a terrible liar

Nobody's too happy
And why should they be
The end's 'round the corner
And they always gotta pee
Track Name: The Curtain Came Down
We took our bows
And the curtain came down
On every stage
On every stage
The lights went out
And the curtain came down
The end of an age
The end of an age

A new world begins
Lo and behold
A new world begins
And we toss out the old
And only the strong will survive
Only the strong will survive
No one else will be left alive

And the weak will inherit nothing
No brave new world at their command
Yeah the weak will inherit nothing
There will be no promised land

A new order reigns
And the old one departs
No sweet farewells
No songs in our hearts
You can be so sentimental
You can be so sentimental
But the change is elemental
Track Name: Got to Be a Better Way
We been going down
The same crooked path
For so long, so long
And with all the dumb mistakes we've made
We must be doing it wrong, so wrong
If we could only see our crazy ways
For what they are, what they are
Stop hiding behind old philosophies
They haven't gotten us far, not far

And there's got to be a better way
Got to be a better way
Got to be a better way than this

Well we ask our God to forgive our sins
Then we go out and hate, we hate
We get down on our knees and pray
Before it's too late, too late
But no matter what our good intentions
We can't transcend, no, no
We are only human after all
The best we do is pretend, we pretend
Track Name: Gone Too Soon, Too Soon Gone
He went down a road
From which he didn't come back
He lost control
And it all went black
He did not foresee
Just what was in store
He was here one minute
And then no more
There's no good reason
No wisdom can explain
There's just those left behind
In a world of pain

Gone too soon
Too soon gone

He drove his car
Right into a tree
Just like every single other
Highway tragedy
He lived to drive
He lived to drive fast
Would he have thought
That this drive was his last
Why did it happen
We won't ever know
We're left to imagine
How he took the final blow

One minute you're here
And then you are dust
If you try to grasp it
You will be nonplussed, oh yeah
Track Name: The Game Is Rigged
There is no chance, there is no fate
There is no self-made world you can create
There is no right, there is no wrong
There is only the side that you belong
There is no good, there is no bad
There is only the sense of being had
There is no false, there is no true
There is just the hand on the screw
And what goes 'round does not come around

The game is rigged
The deck is stacked
The game is rigged
That's a cold hard fact
The game is rigged
The wheel it spins
The game is rigged
And the house always wins

There is no give, there is no take
There is only the one with all the cake
There are no slaves, there are no free
Not no one with a shred of integrity
There is no love, there is no hate
That's just a fairy tale you must negate
There is no hope, there is no trust
If you believe the lies you will combust
Track Name: Time to Come On Home
You been out there
Running around for so long
You lost your way
Not even all those breadcrumbs
You left will help you to get back OK
But sooner or later you got to make your way
Down the road
And when you do
When you do
You can drop your heavy load

It is time to come on home
It's time to come on home

You got dropped like a busy line
When they had enough of your stuff
I guess you never got handed the word
When they said, Enough is enough
But now's the time to make your amends and get together
With your kith and your kin
They're the ones who will take you back
Take you back
From where you been

Weren't you the guy who changed his name
And never gave a reason why
Weren't you the guy who turned his back on us all
And never bothered to say goodbye