Songs for a Blue Girl

by Eliot Wilder

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Nothing goes right
Never has, never will
Won't ever be happy
Can't feel the thrill
Nothing will change her
Lord knows I've tried
Used my best jokes
And she merely sighed


released December 9, 2016

Cover girl: Jes Johnson



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Grow Up or Fall Apart
Must admit I've seen better days for sure
Seems I got a disease
For which there is no cure
Can't afford to go out on the town
Or even pay my rent
All because of my arrested development

Sooner or later
Gotta grow up or fall apart
Sooner or later
But now's a good time to start

It used to be cool to act like a child
Scream and yell and get down
And get totally wild
But when you push 30 well it's not so keen
Whaddya do once your angry young man
Vents his spleen

Tough to keep up
Tough to keep pace
Tough to stay in the human rat race
Tough to bend
And tough to grow
Tough to always be in the know

Life is hard
Life is mean
You're either out or you're in-between
Life is cruel
Life is cold
It's no fun growing old

You used to look good
But now well not so much
You used to be hip
But now you have lost touch
Used to be plugged in
To any sudden trend
Now you've no idea what's coming
Around the bend
Track Name: She Is a Strange One
She likes to keep her secrets
In a laminated box
They're rolled up neat and tidy
Right next to her socks
Don't ask her what they are
Unless you court the bizarre

She is a strange one
She is a strange one
She is strange

She's got crazy premonitions
About the end of days
She will never reveal them
Or her mysterious ways
Don't bother even asking
She's busy multitasking

She looks in the mirror
But she can't see her face
A green and purple serpent
Has taken her place

She folds up all her laundry
She is ready to flee
She is packing her mementos
For posterity
She dries all of her tears
Then she disappears
Track Name: Gotta Harden My Heart
I don't trust you
And why should I
You done some pretty cold things
By and by
If I believe in you
I'm gonna get hurt
If I buy into your thing
Well I'm gonna lose my shirt

I need protection
Right from the start
Gotta harden my heart

You get a look
When you're about to pounce
You suck me dry
Every single ounce
I try to lick my wounds
You pour in the salt
Shoulda known better
It's all my damn fault

You gotta pattern
It's not so hard to spot
You don't do it once or twice
You repeat it a lot

I try to love you
I guess I'm some sort of fool
You take me in
And treat me like a tool
Don't wanna be your lackey
Gotta be tough
Gotta hold up my hand
And say, "Enough, enough!"
Track Name: Are You Going My Way?
I see you struttin' your stuff
Down the street
Toss a twisted smile
At everyone that you meet
You don't feel the need to act discreet
You got bells on your feet

Are you going my way
Cos if you are then let's stick together
Are you going my way
We could be just like
Two birds of a feather

I like the way you do your thing
A-shing-aling, a-shing-aling
Can't count up all the trouble you bring
You got a certain sting

Let's go out and have a drink
Let's go out and raise a stink
Let's go out and stay out all night
Make a little love
Have a big fight

Such a good match can't you tell
A slice of heaven with a dash of hell
A je ne sais quoi that nothing can quell
We say hello and then we say farewell
Track Name: The Inverted Bell
I heard that you were hurting
And your outlook was pretty grim
I felt that I should call you
Jump back into the swim
Things with us are always cloudy
You are like a phantom limb

I can't ring but I can catch you

You said that you were hurting
You have some kind of rare disease
In a few years you'll be immobile
Won't feel nothing below your arms and knees
You can't even pick up your old guitar
It just sits there like a tease

Now both of us are hurting
Not a lot we can do
Somehow time got away from us
I should've been there for you
I can't go back and change it
Hopefully now I can come through
Track Name: Song for a Blue Girl
Nothing goes right
Never has, never will
Won't ever be happy
Can't feel the thrill
Nothing will change her
Lord knows I've tried
Used my best jokes
And she merely sighed

This is a song for a blue girl

I tried to impress her
Even wrote her this song
But nothing could move her
All had gone wrong
Mixed her a cocktail
Bought her a dress
How did this happen
It's anyone's guess
Track Name: The Long Road Home
I heard a noise
Then I saw you there
In the weary blue light of dawn
Your eyes were gray
And your dress was torn
You said, "I really don't belong"

I said I'd follow you wherever you roam
Even the long road home

We gathered our stuff
And we packed our bags
And headed out to the train
The wind was cruel
Nearly blew us down
How we cursed the Memphis rain

Where we go who really cares
Just that we go is the point
Our time is done
We've had enough
Let's go blow this joint

We travelled for weeks
To distant lands
Where street signs were carved in trees
You said this must be it
Let's set up camp
And you fell down on your knees
Track Name: First Person Singular
There is only one
There is only me
I am, I am I said
All through history
And how, how, how
I am the world
In every grain of sand
I am the fountainhead
Lean and tanned
I have the answer
Handed down by God
I am the real deal
I am no fraud

Come take a walk with me
Come live my dream
Come take a walk with me
Be a part of my team
First person singular
And how, how, how

First person singular
Wow, wow, wow
I want it and I want it now

Come to my room
I got quite a view
I can see to Connecticut
Sacre bleu
I dine with heads of state
On Kobe beef
They sit around and sing
Hail to the chief

I am more than qualified
Ready and able
I want to meet you
Come sit at my table
I got big plans
Would you like to hear them
I love my people
And I want to steer them
Track Name: Let Me Move In a Little Closer
We have been estranged for so long now
Can't recall when we last embraced
You seem to me like some sort of alien
It's no fun being chaste

Let me move in a little closer
A little closer
Closer to you
Let me move in a little closer
I really need to
Be closer to you

You never look me in the eye now
Never really listen to what I say
Must admit I do the same thing
So much stuff gets in our way

There was a time when my world revolved around you
And every little thing that you said
I lived you, I breathed you and I dreamed you
But now all that seems to be dead

We spend our days in in mortal combat
But what on Earth are we fighting for
What does all the bad blood get us
Except forever at war

It's so hard to stay together
When everyone is breaking up
We could be filing for a separation
Or we could be making up
Track Name: Can't Keep From Falling Down
Everything is a struggle
Everything is hard, hard, hard
Hard, hard, hard
She can't cut herself loose
When she's always
On her guard, guard, guard
Guard, guard, guard
She tries to get up
Get up
But she lands right on her crown
And she can't keep
Can't keep from falling down
Oh no

Everything is painful
Everything stings, stings, stings
Stings, stings, stings
She wants to take flight
But she ain't got no wings, wings, wings
Wings, wings, wings
She tries to force a smile
She tries
But it comes right out a frown
And she can't keep
Can't keep from falling down
Oh no

It's just so easy to mock her
And laugh at all her folly
What with her nerdy glasses
She looks a little like a Buddy Holly

Everything's a wall
It gets right in you way, way, way
Way, way, way
She has to do her homework
When she would rather play, play, play
She would like to swim
Swim away
But she is afraid that she will drown
And she can't keep
Can't keep from falling down
Oh no

Oh no she can't keep from falling down
She fell down and broke her crown
Now she looks just like a sad-faced clown
Track Name: She Got What She Wanted
She yearned to be something more
Something better
Have some kind of king-sized score
She wanted fame
Wanted to be cool
She had desires unfulfilled
In Catholic school
She wanted the spotlight
A big fat car
Lots of fine clothes
Wanted to be a movie star
Be in the papers
All over the internet
Be a contender
Be a terrible threat

She got what she wanted
But she lost what she had
She got what she wanted
And it didn't turn out so bad

She wasn't the smartest
But she did have streetwise sense
Still some folks thought
That she was kind of dense
She used her looks
She used her will
To take her from that dirty old town
To that mansion on the hill
When she got there
She abandoned all her roots
Traded in her grubby old shoes
For a brand new pair of boots
She lost weight
Bobbed her nose
Colored her hair
Painted her toes

I want to be something
Be someone great
I want to be something
Before it's too late
I want to be something
Show 'em what I can do
I want to be something
Want to break on through

You know all about her
Everyone does
Wherever she goes
There's a great big buzz
Whatever she says gets in the news
Folks want to know
All about her religious views
She makes it look easy
So well controlled
She struck while the iron was hot
But soon it'll turn freezing cold
Track Name: Heaven Help the Girl
She lived a rough life
One no one would ever want
But she lived it the best she could
She lost her right leg
In a skiing accident
Her new one was made out of wood
She would limp and lag down the street
You could hear a click-clack
On the concrete
Oh, just to have two left feet

Let's pray for her
Heaven help the girl
Save her from a life of sin
Let's pray for her
Heaven help the girl
Lift her up from the hole that she's in

She hobbled along
It was no fun to watch
Sometimes she fell in a ditch
Guys called her names
Like lame-o and gimpy
And, "Look at that there one-legged bitch"
She used to be pretty
She used to be witty
Then she had to get down to the real nitty gritty

Once I lived the life of a millionaire
Spending my money, I didn't care
I carried my friends out for a good time
Buying bootleg liquor, champagne and wine
It's mighty strange without a doubt
Nobody loves you when you're down

She didn't deserve this
But then who does
It was all the luck of the draw
Sometimes you get roses
Sometimes you get weeds
There is no hard and fast law
Why did she get a crummy deal
She used to brush after every meal
Now none of her wounds will ever heal