Stockholm Syndrome

by Eliot Wilder

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Out of left field
There came a sudden wind
Blew down our well-built fences
While the devil grinned
We were aghast
The end was here at last


released March 25, 2014

This one is for Lisa.



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Smack Dab in the Middle
Tried to get away from it all
But now I'm smack dab in the middle
Tried to get myself over the wall
But now I'm smack dab in the middle

There's no place to run
There's no place to hide
Where can you go my boy
When you are trapped down deep inside

Whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa

Tried to flee the teeming hoards
But now I'm smack dab in the middle
Thought I knew what I was heading towards
But now I'm smack dab in the middle

There's no place to hide
There's no place to run
How can you escape my boy
When you are crippled from the starting gun

Hey, hey, hey won't you help me please
Won't you help me if you can
Hey, hey, hey won't you help me please
Can't you see that I'm a broken man
Track Name: Can I Make a Wish?
Get up every morning
To the sound of my alarm
I tumble out of bed
And I nearly break my arm
I fix myself some coffee
And I think about my day
I wonder to myself
If I could live some other way
And I say
Kiss me baby
Kiss me good
I'd like to feel you
Feel you if I could
Wait a minute
I'm not awake
Thought I was
My mistake

Can I make a wish
Wish upon a star
Wish for something more
Be where you are
Can I make a wish
Wish for the best
Wish for something more
Wish to be blessed
Can I make a wish
Can I make a wish

Go out to my car
But all the tires have been slashed
The windows are all broken
And bumpers have been smashed
It was such a junker so it took me by surprise
That someone picked my piece of shit
To wreck and vandalize
And I say
Why me baby
Why me Lord
Can't pay to fix this
I can't afford
Wait a minute
Am I asleep
Back in bed
Counting sheep

If I had one wish
I'd wish to be with you
You would make it better
In the way that you do
If I had one wish
I'd wish to see your face
You could save my ass
With your splendor and your grace
Track Name: I'm Going Home
Sometimes I just get tired
Of all this moving around
Want to plant my feet
Plant my feet down on the ground
Want to stop my yearning
Want to stop my restlessness
But how do I do it
Well that is anyone's guess

My feet are aching
My bones do creak
My eyes are burning
And my soul feels weak
Want to lock myself in
And dim the lights
Let the rest of humanity
Fight its fights

This world has its wonders
From here to Rome
But I've seen enough
I'm going home
You can have them all
Trudge through the loam
But I've had my fill
I'm going home

Everyday on the subway
People they push and shove
Where is their heart and soul
Where is the love
People shout on their cellphones
They seem to have no shame
They know no boundaries
Like a picture with no frame

I am no better
But at least I don't inflict
All my useless thoughts
And the useless bones I've picked
I would rather retire
Hole up with a book in bed
Than to face this world
This land of the walking dead

If I could be with anyone
I'd be with me
Don't mean to seem selfish
Just want to be free
Don't like to party
Don't like to be sociable
Can't take the banter
Can't take the bull
I dig the music
Inside my soul
I don't hear it
On the radio
I like the way I think
I like my company
I don't rip myself up
And I don't lie to me
Track Name: Troubles Ahead
There are problems in the Middle East
So what else is new
They are always hating each other's guts
Always a hullabaloo
High anxiety
Death in the dead sea
There's no place to flee
For you and for me
Well we can all agree
This ain't no way to be

There are problems with your mom and dad
So what else is new
Your dad's a cheater and your mom's drinker
Lotsa ugly they get into
Can't close your eyes
Can't stand the lies
Wish they would compromise
That they don't is no surprise
Will this make you wise
These mangled tangled family ties

There are troubles ahead
Bigger than the ones behind
Anyone who says there're not
Are running 'round blind

There are troubles in your workaday world
Your boss is jerk
He treats like a slab of week-old meat
A no-nothing clerk
You want to kick his ass
Kill all the top brass
The ceiling is glass
You're reaching critical mass
The only way to take a pass
Is to go home and turn on the gas
Track Name: Are We There Yet?
We hopped into the station wagon
Headed out for our Sunday drive
I sat between my sisters
Couldn't wait for us to arrive

Are we there yet
Well soon we'll be
Just don't rush it
Keep yourself fancy free
Are we there yet
Well it's around the bend
Just over yonder
Our little trip will end

We went to get ourselves some ice cream
And then we got ourselves a flat
My dad and I we tried to fix it
He chewed his chaw and then he spat

We always had ourselves a real good time
We fought and sang to the radio
We didn't give a hoot where we were going
Just as long as we did go

This is the way I like to think of us
When I think of us at all
Me, my sisters and my mom and dad
Back when the world was so small
Track Name: Out of Left Field
Out of left field
There came a sudden wind
Blew down our well-built fences
While the devil grinned
We were aghast
The end was here at last

Out of left field
Came a tidal wave
Washed away my cousin Ed
He was so brave
Took away the town
Left our lives turned upside down

Out of left field
Came a ball of fire
Ripped through our house
It was so dire
Got lost in the smoke
Thought I might choke

Out of left field
Came a biblical plague
Brought us down to our knees
To God we did beg
Our faith was shaken
Why are we forsaken

Out of left field
Came a sickening smell
My mother wept
We're at the gates of hell
My sister screamed
This is not a dream

Out of left field
Came a deafening hum
The sky turned black
A cloud of locusts had come
Looked like an eclipse
A modern-day apocalypse

Out of left field
We lost it all
Gone was every thing we knew
It was terrible squall
Our world was blown apart
But we never lost our heart
Track Name: Batten Down the Hatches
Board up the windows
And bring down the flags
Rush to the grocery store
And fill up your bags
A storm is a-comin'
Be here real soon
The sky is as black as coal
And it's only noon

Collect all your blankets
And count all your cans
Check all your batteries
And cancel your plans
Oh yeah

Charge up your cellphone
Fill up your jugs
Secure your precious stash
You'll need the drugs
Box up your records
Tighten every screw
When the water comes rushing in
You can bid it all adieu

Batten down the hatches
Try to keep yourself dry
Say all your prayers
And kiss your ass goodbye
Batten down the hatches
Batten down the hatches
Aye Aye
Aye Aye

And I will see you
See you on the other side
And I will see you
Across the great divide
There is no place
No place to hide
Track Name: Stop. Don't. Come Back.
Do you think that I am insincere
When I say that I care
Yes I care about the things you do
Yes I care I swear
Yes I listen to your every word
Every thing you say gets heard
Please believe me
Please believe me

Stop. Don't. Come back.

Yes I pay heed to all your needs
My bleeding heart just bleeds and bleeds
Please believe me
Please believe me

Stop. Don't. Come back.

Do you think that I'm a two-faced phony
And I don't mean what I say
I hope you don't misread my good intentions
I say what I say in my own way
Yes I try to be real understanding
Just as long as it's not too demanding
Please believe me
Please believe me

Stop. Don't. Come back.
Track Name: Always and Forever
You are always on my mind
The best that I could hope to find
I could gaze forever in your eyes
Every little thing you do satisfies
When I'm sad you hold my hand
You tell me that you can understand
You say that you are just like me
And by my side is where you want to be

Always and forever
Always and forever

Don't want to be separated
Like to think of us as conjugated
You've become my obsession
Lift me out of my deep depression
Want to be with you all the time
You take me up to a higher clime
No good reason to be apart
You are there inside my heart

Always and forever
Always and forever
Track Name: Road to Tomorrow
This is pretty good
What we got here
Got it going on
For an old buccaneer
It's clear up ahead
Least that's what I heard was said

We are on the road to tomorrow
Best to just sit back and enjoy the ride
Here on the road to tomorrow
Well it's good to have a companion by your side

This is pretty cool
These devices
Plays to our strengths
And our vices
All these accessories
Now bare necessities

This is pretty neat
All this media
We are one big
We're an open book
Full of gobbledygook