The Devil You Know

by Eliot Wilder

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And the bleached sun it does not flatter
All them babies getting fatter
And the moms and the dads
They waltz around grotesque
As they dance this strange burlesque


released June 11, 2016

For DT, who's got the devil in him, boy



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Lopsided Blues
Well I lean a little to my left
And I lean a little to my right
I stagger my way
Down this here mean old street
And I look such a fright
And that ain't right

Wanna straighten up
And drop my freight
Wanna straighten up
But my body don't cooperate

I'm tired of looking so freakin' bent
I'm sick to death of this torment

It's like I'm on a storm-tossed cruise
I got them lopsided blues

Well I struggle to get up
And I struggle to get down
It takes me every ounce of strength I got, yeah
Just to get around
Then I hit the ground

Wanna be upright
Not shaped like a hook
Wanna be upright
Not some bent old crook

Wanna new body
This old one kinda sucks
Wanna new body
A body by deluxe
Track Name: The Devil Came to Town
When the devil came to town
He said he was our friend
He said that he would fix things
He didn't condescend
He spoke with such confidence
He guaranteed us jobs
And those that weren't up to snuff
He said were just a bunch of slobs

The devil came to town
He is your buddy
He is your pal
He is your lover
He is your gal
He's your doctor
He's your priest
He's the one you suspect the least

When the devil came to town
Said there's no more need to pray
He sang like Frank Sinatra
Told us we could do it our own way
He made us lots more promises
They sounded pretty good
He acted like he cared
About our very own neighborhood

I am here to gather my flock
I play guitar and I wanna rock
Don't you doubt what I say is true
What I do I do for you

When the devil came to town
He made us lots of vows
A steak on every plate
From the best parts of the cows
He had a steely glint in his eye
He acted real sincere
And bit by bit he lured us in
Despite our initial fear
Track Name: Last Night
Woke up it was two a.m.
Laid there in a pool of mayhem
My chest it felt so tight
I was hot as anthracite
The hell I went through last night

Woke you out of your sleep
Told me to go and count sheep
I tried with all my might
To do what's pleasing in your sight
The hell I went through last night

Thoughts swirl around my head
They fill me up with such dread
Make me wish I was dead

Stayed up all night long
Come morning I wrote this song
Don't think I can shine a light
Of how my soul took flight
The hell I went through last night
Track Name: Stupidity
Dumb dee dumb de dumb dumb dee dumb dumb
Yes, you am
Dumb dee dumb de dumb dumb dee dumb dumb

You are my greatest enemy
You scare the holy shit outta me
It's what makes the world so crummy
Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout you you dummy

You are the greatest enemy
My country 'tis of thee
In case you think that you've forgotten
It's what makes the world so rotten

It's not something I recommend
It'll kill us all in the end
It's what makes the world so crummy
Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout you you dummy
Track Name: I Got the Devil in Me, Boy
Get out of my way if you value your life
Or at the very least the lives your loved ones
I'm hear to say I'm taking over the world and I plan
To do away with the with the aboved ones

I don't care what you say and I don't care
What you do if it's all the same to me
I'll just do what I need and I will do what I do
And that's what's fair at all for me
And who is gonna stop me anyhow

I got the devil in me, boy

I will say what I say and I will do what I want
As long as you don't catch me in my lie
It's pretty easy to do to do what I do
You see I barely even have to try

I'm a little bit snarky and a little bit sneaky
And I play both ends against the middle
And I keep you guessin' with your head I am messin'
As I slowly unravel my riddle
Such is the very nasty business of my life
Track Name: The Man With the Tiny Hands
He points them goin' this way
And he points them goin' that
He bring them up under his chin
And he gives his chin a pat
He gestures like Mick Jagger
He knows what he's gesturing at

He's the man
The man with tiny hands

He waves them coming at you
He waves them up and down
He waves to the left and right
He waves them all around
He waves them to the side of the stage
And out comes his gal in an evening gown

He doesn't have to say much
Just spin like a wheel
But if he should stop spinning
They would see his Achilles heel
Track Name: Bittersweet
We've had our ups and we've had our downs
We've had smiles and frowns
We've had our good and we've our bad
We've been happy, we've been sad
It is hard to think of us
All the minus and the plus
What it will come down to in the end
What kind of person is your friend

Oh bittersweet
I taste you still

When I turn left then you turn right
When I see dark you see light
When I say no you say yes
Why this is, it's anyone's guess
It's hard for me to reconcile
You got me beat by a country mile
We are locked in this embrace
One lets go and one gives chase

We've had our ins and we've had our outs
We've had certainty and we've had doubts
We've had love and we have had hate
It's been terrible, it's been great
It is hard to let you go
Even when you bring me woe
I am stuck in this routine
Not quite red, not quite green
Track Name: Pleased to Meet You
I don't live all that far from you
You pass me on the street
You have seen me now and then
I don't act all that discreet
I like to wear a flowery shirt
And a well-pressed pair of slacks
I always have a ready smile
And I offer the kids some snacks

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what is puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

You may know me by a lotta names
Like Jack and Mike and Blair
You may have seen my many faces
My crazy grin and my wild stare
I tend to get in the last laugh
I know the punch line to every joke
There is no escaping me
I consume you like smoke

I don't live all that far from you
I'm in the unit right next door
You can smell my fried chicken
You can hear me stomp on the floor
I love to mix it all up
I have parties long into the night
You should come by and see me some time
You'll see that I don't bite
Track Name: This Strange Burlesque
There's a kind of bad smell here
Like God cooking chicken soup in the sky
And the beach-goers they run riot
Their doughy bodies bathing in a pigsty

And the bleached sun it does not flatter
All them babies getting fatter
And the moms and the dads
They waltz around grotesque
As they dance this strange burlesque

There's a whiff of grapeshot here
Or maybe it's steaks on the barbecue
Volleyballs soar like killer comets
Careful one does not smack down on you

There's a dead seal washed up here
And a crowd of curious has gathered 'round
A boy pokes it with his jagged stick
He is thrilled with the discovery he's found
Track Name: The Devil's Been Busy
Hey you with your face
Buried in your phone
I bet you're hoping the world
Will just leave you alone
But there are troubles
Yeah troubles coming down the pike
There are troubles
Gonna burst like a crumbling dike

The devil's been busy, yeah

Hey you with your air
Of disaffection
You don't care about nothing
But your own complexion
When someone gets in your way
You shove them down, down, down
You are king of the world
You wear the heavyweight crown

Hey you with that vacant glint
In your eyes
You got no need to question
All hows and whys
It's not up to you alone
To right all of the wrongs
So just take your place
Among the zombie throngs
Track Name: The Damage Is Done
So many battles lost
So many battles won
It doesn't matter now, the damage is done
You're game for the fight
You believe that you are right
It doesn't matter now, the damage is done

They got what you want so you gotta grab it
They got what you need so you gotta nab it
If you don't act now
They will be the winner
And you'll go to bed without any dinner

They got all the goods
They got all the shit
Toss your conscience aside, it's survival of the fit
Keep your eye on the prize and reach for the crown
Don't you bother with your doubts
They will only drag you down

You fight your wars in the name of God
You fight your wars and you are shocked and awed
You fight your wars and you don't surrender
You fight your wars to the last defender

They got all the oil
They got all the cash
You gotta to kill them off
And never even bat a lash
Track Name: I Can Dream, Can't I?
There is a place
Not so far from here
Everyone there is my friend
Everyone's sincere
I feel their love
And they feel mine
We got each other's backs, oh yeah
We get along fine
Well we hang out at each other's houses
We laugh and sing a sweet lullaby

OK, yeah I made it all up
But I can dream
I can dream, can't I

There is a place
It's right around the bend
I call it my home sweet home
It's where I go to mend
Everyone's generous
They would give your their shirt
Yeah, they fill you up with love
And take away the hurt
We swap some spit and war stories
We get drunk and we get high

There is a place
Where I belong
I hang with Paul McCartney
And we write some songs
He's a pretty cool guy
He likes to smoke some weed
He says he digs my lyrics
He has no reason to mislead
He talks about the Beatles, yeah, yeah, yeah
He has no need to justify