The Very Soul of Me

by Eliot Wilder

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There is a war
But you don't seem to know it
You don't care what's going on out there
At least you don't want to show it
It is your world
We just reside here
Everything is in its place
Nobody has died here


released January 14, 2016

Cover girl: Helen Alencastro



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: Somebody Like Me
You got yourself a real cool look
It's in the way you walk and talk
I want to be just like you
But why should I punch your clock

You got yourself style and grace
You know how to strut your stuff
But when I see you walking down the street
I want to shout enough

But all I really wanted was somebody like me

Well I don't know how to dress too well
I'm not cool with the kids
But every time I try to be like you
I end up hitting the skids

Gotta find a style of mine own
One that suits me to a T
And when you try to dress me down
I'll say you got nothing on me

The world is like a big dumb dog
That has no memory
But the world can keep right on turning
As long as there's someone like me
Track Name: Until the End of Time
Where did you go
Baby, I don't know
I thought you'd be around
Until the end of time
Why did you leave
It's a mystery
One that will never be solved
Until the end of time

You shut the door
You turned the key
Never looked back into that darkened room
Never looked back at me
You left a note
You left it blank
No explanation given, no final words
Not even, I have you to thank

I'm so sorry if I misbehaved
It's what I do
It's what I do
It's what I do
I don't think that I'm going to make it
If I can't have you
If I can't have you
If I can't have you

I thought that we would be together
I thought that we would live forever
I thought that we would never say never
Until the end of time
Track Name: Curious Child
There are times when I want to walk away
But something keeps bringing me back
Is it those funny little things you say
That always keep me right on the right track

Curious child
What is it about you
Curious child
Those crazy things you do
You know all about the rules of attraction
You know how to get yourself satisfaction

You are elusive as a fever dream
You make my pulse go through the roof
You can let be be the end of seem
Upon you rests the burden of proof

You must you ain't no saint
You must admit you're trouble
But I don't care if you have no constraint
I will always be there on the double
Track Name: Say Goodbye to All That
Say goodbye to all that
To everything you know
Say goodbye to all that
It's time to go

The clock is a tick-tick-tickin'
Time is a-slipping by
It's time to face the music
The end is nigh

C'mon and put your left foot in
Don't you do it all half-assed
Life is some kinda crazy dance
And it's over with way too fast

You think you got it going on
But what do you know
You are living in a waking dream
C'mon, it's time to go
Track Name: The Art of Self-Delusion
You've got it all
From the bottom to the top
No one will wreck your good time
Nothing's ever gonna make it stop
You've had a good run
Fairly unprecedented
You take it for granted
You are really quite contented

You're practiced in the art of self-delusion
Everything seems clear
There is no confusion
You're practiced in the art
You know it all by heart
Because you've done it from the start
This self-delusion

It's a perfect home
Two perfect sons by your side
Your husband he saves toy soldiers
On Sundays you go for a ride
Something is missing
Can't tell you what it could be
Like a tiny piece of a puzzle
Lost amid tons of debris

There is a war
But you don't seem to know it
You don't care what's going on out there
At least you don't want to show it
It is your world
We just reside here
Everything is in its place
Nobody has died here
Track Name: Just Like Dancing on the Moon
You know I got a kid of my own
And it seems she's growing up so fast
How much I want to slam on the brakes
How much I want to make it all last

Just like dancing on the moon
Or sinking in the deepest ocean
Just like dancing on the moon
Everything in slow motion

Put your little hand in mine
And let's sail off into space
Time is always relative there
We can step outside the human race

Why do the bad times take so long
While the good times just fly by
Why does pain linger on and on
While joy is just as brief as a sigh

Anyone who's ever had a child
Is sure to know this sensation
One minute they are a part of you
The next, a new generation
Track Name: Ever the Pragmatist
Ooh, you used to talk about your art
In such lofty terms
You had a lot of big ideas
You wanted to spread 'em around like germs
But now you got yourself a workaday job
And a house out on the Cape
Whatever happened to your big ideas
And the plans for your escape

Ever the pragmatist
Do what you gotta do

Whatever it is whatever you want
I sure hope you're satisfied
But there are some things I know
That you just can't hide

Ooh, I don't play you my songs
'Cause I know you've tuned them out
Or is it that they bother you
'Cause you've taken another route
You talk about your boyfriend
And tell you me how busy you've been
But behind it all I sense your guilt
Like giving up is some kind of sin

Whatever you do wherever you go
You can feel a certain sting
But you either do the work
Or you do some other thing

Ooh, you got yourself a good life
And it's all tied up in a bow
And you don't want to know 'bout things
That you don't want to know
It's not like the world is a-waiting
For you to break on through
People gotta do the things
The things they gotta do
Track Name: I'm Not the Boss
I'm not the boss here
Take it up with the big guy upstairs
I'm not the boss here
I can't manage your affairs

Got a Blue Light Special
Over on Isle Four
We've dropped our prices by fifty percent
And shoppers are breaking down our door

Got your tube socks and mayo in bulk
Got your plasma TVs
Got your iPads up the wazoo
None of it's got nothing on little ol' me

If we don't got what you desire
You are out of your tree
If you are dissatisfied
Don't you dare get pissed off at me
Track Name: Come to Me
If ever you change your mind
'Bout leaving it all behind
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me, yeah

Well I'm here just for you
And I promise I'll be true
So come to me
Come to me
Come to me, yeah

If ever he treats you bad
If ever you feel so sad
Tell him where to go
And don't be slow
Come to me, yeah

When you feel so hurt
When you are down in the dirt
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me, yeah

If ever he treats you cruel
Don't you be nobody's fool
Tell him you're through
Do what you can do
And come to me, yeah

If ever your heart's been smashed
And your soul has been trashed
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me, yeah
Track Name: The Living End
One day you will be walking along
And someone will do you some kind of wrong
You will get so down there will be no below
It's a place that no one, no one wants to go

It's the living end
It's the living end
It's the living end
Of time, time, time

You've been pretty lucky my ol' chum
You've somehow managed to rise above the scum
But you know what happens to all good things
When the kingdom ends what becomes of the king

One day you will wake from your long dream
The kind of dream that makes you want to scream
Who am I and what, what have I done
I wanted to win but what, what have I won

You've dodged some bullets
You've straddled some fences
You've gotten by on your looks
And you've racked up some expenses

But I'm here to tell you it's not always gonna be that way
I'm here to tell you look out for judgment day
It will come swift and fast
It will come and you won't last

One day you will going at full speed
And someone will come and pluck you like a weed
And you will wither and you will die
So before you do be sure you say goodbye
Track Name: Into Oblivion
Way to go
You have opened the door into oblivion
Way to go
There's no turning back
You don't know
How far you can fall into oblivion
You don't know
You poor old sad sack

You took a step
It was in the wrong direction
Down a dark road
Didn't have any protection

The brakes all jammed
The car spun out of control
Mortal thoughts
Down to your very soul

What have I done
What did I do
Where am I going
What is this coming to