This Lonesome Road

by Eliot Wilder

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Sometimes you're lucky
Through all your hard work
Sometimes you're not
And you go berserk
You hope for the best
But the weary don't rest


released January 4, 2017

Cover girl: Helen Alencastro



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: The Curate's Egg
How many times have you got up
In the middle of the night
To consider all the roads you've taken
And then you come to realize
That it's all been one mistake
You can't sleep so you contemplate
All the differences between chance and fate
And your mind races 'round like a car
That has lost its brake

And then you done cracked it open
The curate's egg
And it was both good and bad, good and bad
And then you done cracked it open
The curate's egg
And you felt happy and sad, happy and sad

Your tired eyes are filled with up sleep
And still you can't deny the force
That's buried down deep
Gnawing at your weary soul like a rapid dog
How you long till you break out of your cocoon
How soon is now how now is soon
When you're cast adrift in a rubbery fog

Is it cream-filled or is it spoiled
Is it pure or is it soiled
You're sure that it's excellent in parts
Well you're not the one to complain
To point out an obvious stain
You can leave that to ones with all the smarts

You hope that somebody will understand and
All the things you do will earn a helping hand
And that sooner or later your ship will arrive
And when it does there will be buzz
They'll say I told you so because, because
You made them all feel so alive
Track Name: Give to the Wind
What is your greatest fear
Is it growing older and older
Does the thought of losing friends
Make the world seem a little colder
A year has come and gone
And another has arrived
What do you have to show
Other than you survived

Give to the wind
Let it blow back your tears
Give to the wind
Give to the wind thy fears

Today you got a call
From who was once your oldest friend
He said that he had thought about
Why your friendship came to an end
He said that it was your fault
He said that it was his too
He was wondering if there could be a way
The two of you could begin anew
Track Name: Right Here
How come you don't believe what I say
When I say that I'm not going anywhere
I've dug myself in
The yang to your yin
We really do make a perfect pair

I will stay right here
Till you come 'round again
I will stay right here
Till you come back from where you been
I will stay right here
Till it's the end of time
I will stay right here
Till I hear the final chime
Why don't you believe me
Why don't you believe me

Haven't I always been the one
That you could count on to be true
Never sass you back
Never give you flack
For all of the mean things that you do

Have I ever lied to you
OK maybe once or twice
I will make you a promise
I will stick to you like white on rice

I got nothing going on these days
Well I don't suppose that I could make you stay right here
I have always kept all of your things
The wagon wheel and the water wings
I am just waiting for you to get clear
Track Name: If Only You Were Someone Else Then I Might Love You More
Everyone has their foibles and quirks
Everyone has their deal
As for you you got more than your share
More than you want to reveal
You cause a whole lot of trouble, you do
You make a great big fuss
And every time that I point it out you say
It's not something you can discuss

If only you were someone else
If only you were someone else
If only you were someone else
Then I might love you more

Some people call you moody
Well that's a nice way to say that you're mean
You can really bite my head off
If you haven't had your morning caffeine
You say you calls 'em as you sees 'em
Too bad if we can't take the truth
You don't engage in small talk you say
You find that extremely uncouth

Well I love the cut of your gib
I love the way the way you say, "Take a hike"
I love how you can get away with murder
Too bad it's you I just don't like

Everyone's got their issues
Some have more than their share
You don't see that you have problems you say
Or if you do you just don't care

If only you were a little bit nicer
If only you had a bigger heart
If only you were a little less selfish
Well that would be a start
Track Name: The Dark Side of Me
Something's there in my brain
Not sure what it's all about
It's like an ugly stain
That nothing will wash out
It never goes away
It's right here today
I wish I had it better under control
I wish I could bleed it out of my soul

I don't know what to make
Of the dark side of me
How many hearts will I break
With the dark side of me

I do my best to hide
But it's never easy to do
Too much torment inside
It only ever seems to accrue
I hope to one day get clear
And love the one's I hold so dear
I want so bad to change
It's in my plans long-range

Did I behave so bad
Do I deserve your scorn
That really makes me so mad
Pricks my heart like a thorn
How can I find your good grace
What part of me should I erase
Track Name: Spooky Girl
Late at night when the traffic slows
You can barely hear a sound
A soft whisper comes through to me
And I know that you're around

You are a spooky girl
Scare me all to hell
You are a spooky girl
You find me where I dwell

You haunt me in my dreams
And you stay with me in my days
I see your face everywhere
And I can't seem to shake your gaze, yeah

Hey, hey spooky girl
Do you have a name
Hey, hey spooky girl
I'd like to know it all the same

You give me a terrible fright
Shakes me down to my bones
One thing I know for sure
With you I'm never alone
Track Name: Live Out Loud
Live, laugh
Live, live, live out loud
Live, love
Love, love, love out loud

Everybody tells you to keep your mouth shut
Everybody tells you to keep your nose clean
Everybody tells you to keep your facts straight
Align yourself with the geometric mean

Wanna get louder and louder, louder and louder

Everybody tells you to straighten up and fly right
Everybody tells you turn your shit down
Everybody tells you shave your beard off
Would be best for all if got yourself right out of town

Wanna get louder and louder, louder and louder
Track Name: This Lonesome Road
Lift your head and look at me
I'm standing here right in front of you
I bet you're ready to give up
But that's not something I'm gonna let you do

Come with me let's wander down
This lonesome road
It's always best to have yourself a friend
Come with me let's wander down
This lonesome road
And we, we will take it to the end

Don't you fret and don't you worry
You will never be all alone
I know you've taken on the weight of the world
Let me remove that millstone

Don't need to tell me how bad it is
I understand what you are going through
I've been to heaven and I've been to hell
I can see things from your point of view
Track Name: Lovesick Blues Boy
You could be accused of loving too much
Or maybe loving too badly
You really want to love her with all of your heart
You want her madly
But you know that it's not gonna be
Not something that she could foresee

You ain't nothing but a lovesick blues boy
To you it's all a bunch of bad news boy
You're heart's been broken from here all the way
To Tucumcari
You ain't nothing but a lovesick blues boy
Nothing but a kill, kill, killjoy
Don't know what it's like to feel
Young and merry

You stumble along like a bumbling fool
Hoping you might get her attention
You constantly check her Facebook page
You don't rate
Don't rate a mention
Nothing will ever end this longing
What's the mad sense in prolonging
You are nothing more to her than a toy
You silly little lovesick blues boy
Track Name: My Mona Lisa
Sometimes you nail it
Sometimes you don't
You just can't predict
When you will or you won't
You need to prepare
It might fall from the air

It happened one time
And never again
A stroke on the canvas
My Mona Lisa

It's always a struggle
To get it just right
You work from the morning
Till late in the night
You strive for perfection
You fear you will lose your direction

We struck a chord
In perfect harmony
We got it just right
The way it's supposed to be

Sometimes you're lucky
Through all your hard work
Sometimes you're not
And you go berserk
You hope for the best
But the weary don't rest