by Eliot Wilder

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I turned my back on the city life
And I lived among the snakes and trees
And I never spoke a human word
And did just what the hell I please


released August 5, 2015

Thanks to Dave Westner for bass on the title track.



all rights reserved


Eliot Wilder Boston, Massachusetts

D'où venons nous / que sommes nous / où allons nous.

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Track Name: No One to Blame but Myself
I rambled around like a ne'er-do-well
I didn't take it seriously
And as it turns out I got lucky
Kind of lucky mysteriously

I wound up winning a jackpot
Got me a mega manse
I gambled it away one long weekend
And now all I got are my pants

Yeah, I had it all, I had it all
I had fame, I had wealth
But then I went and I blew it
And I got no one to blame but myself
Yeah, I had it all, I had it all
I had trophies on my shelf
But then I went and I lost it
And I got no one to blame but myself

I was a three-time loser
More like four or five
Every time I got a grace note
I'd try see what I could connive
I married me a pretty lady
And I took her for what she had
I know it wasn't too nice of me
Yeah, I know that I'm downright bad

I got my comeuppance
Yeah, it was more like a big comedown
And know it made some folks happy
I saw no one frown
But you know I got the last laugh
Because I don't need nothing, nothing at all
I've got all I want in my pockets
And I roll 'round like a roulette ball
Track Name: Empty Heart
She does not feel too good
She does not feel too bad
She does not feel much of anything at all
And frankly I find that sad

Nothing has ever made her happy
Nothing has ever made her blue

She lives a life with no passion
She lives a life with no desire
She gallumphs along inelegantly
A car with a big flat tire

It is a cup with no bottom
It is a jar with no top
It holds nothing
That's all, Pop

She says that she will never marry
She says that she won't have a kid
She can't explain why she lives this way
One could imagine if she did
Track Name: The Wrong Man
I stand accused
Of a wrong I did not do
And I sound nervous in my deposition
You see, innocence's a trick of paperwork
Whereas guilt is the human condition

So I say
Oh no, that's not me, yeah
You got the wrong man
And I say
Oh no, this cannot be, yeah
You got the wrong man
You got the wrong man

They say I killed a guy
Killed him in cold blood
But I did not know him, no we never met
But when I think of him
When I think about the facts
I feel a sense of deep regret

It may sound crazy
That even I could be convinced
I did a crime I did not do
Just goes to show you
That your innocence or guilt
Well it all depends on point of view

I stand before you
And I ask you for your mercy
And I think my case is strong
I have my alibi
And I have a strong defense
So why do I feel like I'm in the wrong
Track Name: Sufferin'
We seen a lot of hard times
On that we can all agree
We done a lot of terrible stuff
It's all through our history
Nothing much changes
When it comes to causing pain
So why we do we always do it
Is it that down deep we're insane

We're sufferin', sufferin'
Sufferin' you and me
We suffer together
We're sufferin' can't you see

We stage our stupid battles
For all the good that they do
We kill a million people
And somehow we ain't through
We come home to our families
But nothing's ever the same
And when we ask who's responsible
It's never us who's to blame

We wreck our sad little planet
From sea to polluted sea
We stack up all our cans and boxes
And we leave 'em for posterity
We say that we mean well
But you know about good intent
So let's get together
And sing this sad lament
Track Name: Wolves
The wolves dragged me out of my bed
And took me to their hidden den
And they shared their bounty and their blood
And they made me one of their brethren
And they told me stories of their lives
How they hunt their prey and gore their kill
How they mate for life and bear their young
How they never hurt just for the thrill

The wolves opened up their den that day
And we sat around and watched TV
And when it got past 10 they said to stay
And that seemed just quite all right by me
They made one of their very own
I ran with the pack as a show of might
And I fell in love with the gray-eyed girl
When she slew me with her killer bite

I turned my back on the city life
And I lived among the snakes and trees
And I never spoke a human word
And did just what the hell I please
Track Name: Crossing the Line
Who has let the genie out
He has lots to answer for
All these troubles, all this insanity
It's too hard to ignore
What else is in store
What else is in store

I am crossing the line
And I don't want to look back
I am crossing the line
Treading softly
Treading softly

Who has unleashed the dogs of war
There's a circle in hell just for him
All these casualties, all this folderol
Did he do it on a whim
Things are looking pretty grim
Things are looking pretty grim

Gonna dig me a foxhole
Gonna bury my whole self alive
Don't see any other way to go
Don't see how I can survive

Started out a correspondent
Could not believe what I saw
All this madness, all this brutality
No such thing as the law
Knew this was my last hurrah
Knew this was my last hurrah
Track Name: Lost It in the Fire
I kept my favorite records there
There was "Yesterday and Today"
And all my marbleized copy books
Where I was allowed to have my say
And all my boxes of photographs
They too got burned away

Everything I owned and I everything I loved
Well I lost it all
Lost it in the fire
Everything I treasured and I everything made
Well I lost it all
Lost it in the fire
I lost it all
Lost it in the fire

I kept my favorite letters there
Where you poured out your heart to me
I regret I left them all behind
Yeah I stored my stuff haphazardly
Always thought my junk would be around
Outlast me in perpetuity

Nothing, no
Nothing, no
Nothing, no
Nothing, no
Will bring it all back

I kept my sacred treasures there
The kind you save for a rainy day
My sister said it was no big deal
What did I expect she'd say
It meant nothing at all to her
But it kept me going when I was far away
Track Name: Open Wound
I got down on my knees
And I yowled in pain
I screamed, Dear God
Don't put me through that again
And He laughed and He said
That's what I do
That's what I do to guys like you

I'm an open wound
As raw as can be
I'm an open wound
That's me, yeah

I took out my metal cup
And I banged it on the bars
I screamed, Let me out
And I'll give you all my guitars
But God just laughed and He said
I will rock you

I got myself a bible
And I got myself the truth
I screamed, Dear God
Won't you forgive me my youth
And He laughed and He said
Whaddya want from me
Track Name: We All Love the Gentle People
They act out of kindness
From the bottom of their hearts
And they don't want nothing in return
They join up with the Peace Corps
And give dimes to the bums on the streets
There is no real limit to their concern
They are not happy
Unless you are happy

We all love the gentle people
Wherever they are
Whatever they do they do for you
We all love the gentle people
Whoever they are
Whatever they do their love is true

They are the do-gooders
And they do good for all mankind
And they will lift you up when you fall down
They don't expect a thank you
They do it just because they care
They will dig you out of the lost and found
They get no joy
Unless you get your joy

They are sweet and loving
They wear a smile on their happy face
They will give you a hug when you feel blue
They are naturally forgiving
They will disregard all of your sins
I only wish I were a gentle person too
They do not feel good
Unless you feel good
Track Name: Onward We Walk
It's a world of problems
It's a world of hate
It's a world in which people
Can't find a way to relate
It's a world of fighting
It's a world of war
We bump off all of our brothers
And we don't know what for

Onward we walk
One tiny little step at a time
Onward you and onward me
Onward we walk
One foot in front of the other
Onward we walk
Till we are free

It's a world gone crazy
It's a world of fools
It's a world spinning madly
Without any rules
It's a world of the devil
It's a world of God
You can hide behind either
It's the same facade

We tramp around and around
And we hope we get somewhere
And sometimes the the road we tramp
Leads us only to despair
But if we stop from walking
We stop from being quite alive
It's only by moving forward
We can hope to survive

It's a world of terror
It's a world insane
It's a world of excess
We can't sustain
It's a world of fear
It's a world berserk
But despite all the craziness
We must make it work